Lest we forget…It is going to be two years since the Boxing Day tsunami…

First, I read that Lisa (SCB) is slowly recovering from her coma. I read the good news updated by 9393 a few days ago. Keep fighting, SCB! You are going to join us to sing Chinese New Year song, ok? Let’s send our psychic power to her to recover even faster.

I don’t know if any of our bloggers are affected by the floods? Cocka, maybe? I didn’t read much above the flood in Johor on PPS. But did you guys read The Star that the heavy storm is heading towards to Klang Valley? I hope nothing major happen. But these few days, the nights are soooo cold. Maybe I had watched too many Secret Bible on National Geographic about end times. Nay…as Catholics, we don’t focus on the end of the world that much. But still, Secret Bible was quite the scary documentary, depicting what will happened before the end of the world. Please don’t discuss this on my blog ‘cos it can be sensitive.

Despite all the hub and buzz of Christmas, there is something that Penangites like me will remember. The day the earth shook. Which was funny at first until the tsunami hit and killed so many.

Let’s not forget to say a little prayer for all the survivors and victims of the [tag]tsunami[/tag], here in our country and all over the world. Life is unpredictable, one minute you are fine, next you are no more. Just to rub it in – Have you read the headlines from all the papers around the world? 81 MILLION to die of flu.

8 thoughts on “Lest we forget…It is going to be two years since the Boxing Day tsunami…

  1. Don;t worry about the flood, you are in Penang very safe lar, we in Klang Valley are the next victim! Die lor… how ar? Go Genting ah?

  2. I cabuted back to KL. Outskirts of Malacca was quite bad. I have friends whose houses were 6-8 feet underwater. One was even having his wedding ceremony today but his house and car was flooded. My place was not affected as I am staying in the city area and on the third floor of an apartment.

    Its sad seeing the situation there. GOD speed.

  3. Good to hear Lisa(SCB) started recovery. The best Christmas present is to hear news like that. For Lisa’s situation, only time and God can do miracles. All the best for Lisa.

  4. no matter what … saviour the moments with your loved ones and family … 10 years ago i was in this huge ass flood in Shah Alam … this year …. it came early …

    shit happens …

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Wishing you nothing but the best …

  5. earl – And our PM and his honchos are SMILING and using a little poor baby as props on the front page. I am so dang angry and if today is not Christmas Eve, I sure taruh them liao.

    Agnes – Yes, it is a miracle but knowing Lisa (from her blog), she is not going to give up the fight to be there for her daughter.

    azhan – Gua tak takut. Gua lives on the 3rd floor and has maggi mee for one week. LOL.

    terence – Aww..so kesian. But hor, my niece’s future hub’s brother’s house in Melaka also flooded. Lucky the parents’ hose is not or else wedding plans all screwed up.

    doc – 1950m? Wuah…you live on a hilltop hor.

    wuching – *think happy thoughts, wuching is coming to town*

    Neo – Aiyoh, kena flood memang leceh. Everything also destroyed. But here no rain at all, so no worries.

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