Look who is talking (Pak Lah and the floods)

– pause Christmas mood, start rant –

I am going to snitch this post in because it bothers me. It always bothers me whenever people make use of tiny babies, sickly children and frail old folks to push their political mileage.

Take a look at this photo:
Smiling, happy, politicians

and tell me what sort of picture comes to your mind?

I guffawed when I read this line:

Abdullah said he was disappointed that some people took advantage of the hardship faced by others.

Eh, look who is talking? Who is taking advantage of the hardship faced by others?

And I wonder….is the terrible flood caused only by Mother Nature or have the Government who is supposed to govern the development has erred somewhere? Too much development without proper planning and now the rakyat suffers and die? All because of the greed for money by the few rich people?

And elo, thousands are suffering out there. Why lah must you PM, DPM and a host of other politicians congregate at one place?

– End of rant, back to Christmas mood –

Added – Read what Josh’s family face and compare that to the smiling faces of our politicians.

7 thoughts on “Look who is talking (Pak Lah and the floods)

  1. Actually, staying in Melaka for almost 5 years… I think this is really mother nature at its worst. Melaka have seen some bad storms, but none was this bad. It rained for almost 1 week non-stop heavy and not so heavy, but it rained and rained. Even the largest drain was overflowing… the river near town was also overflowing and guess what? The river was connected directly to the sea. It’s as almost the sea was rising!

  2. Cheap publicity. Ministers are well known for that.

    Whether mother nature played a part or not, its still boils down to greed, corruption and poor planning.

    Ask leaders of the world to explain global warming. Mother nature???? NOT!

    Noor Hidayat, drains in Malaysia are not deep enough. We are living in the tropics with rain all year round. Visit other countries with less rainfall my dear, look at their drains. They can swallow trucks. And most are underground, so human and vehicles cannot drown.

    Lillian, you cumming to visit me or not??!!??.

  3. Please don’t blame Mother Nature laaaaa.!
    This land is few million years old and WE have to learn from Mother Nature. Engineers built did not even consider Nature when building roads on Highlands, NKVE at Shah Alam…blah,blah,blah!
    It also rained at least a million years and not now only!
    Greed! you’re right Lilian, Pure Greed and sheer laziness!!

    Merry Xmas and Cheers!
    Birds Talking

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