‘Twas the day before Christmas..


And I had roasted the most delicious turkey that served more than 50 people which includes a bus load of carollers from the Penang Hokkien Methodist Church. Fuwah…first time I see such a vibrant group of youths who love Jesus so much. They came dressed as angels and the guys in long-sleeves and ties. Their pastor gave sermon in Mandarin which I don’t understand but I Amen to that, of course.


My kids and their cousins. The focus is the cross on the wall. This is the family that turns to Christ in their time of needs and now, they are doing so well. Two beautiful daughters, one a final year USM student in Pharmacy, the other a nurse. Two sons, one in MMU and one in Form Five. Between Sim (my atm’s nephew who is the same age as him) and I, we are the only two Christians in my parents-in-law extended family.

(Jamie Oliver’s fish pie I made, huge or not?)

The transformation our family have after being in Christ is something that shines and radiates. It is not boasting but as Christians, we have that comfort and assurances that we never walk alone. It is something that we try to share with all the other family members who may be going through financial hard times, family problems, tough times etc. But it is not easy to get non-believers to open their ears and hearts to trust that we are never in deep shit and we know that we will always have three meals laid out for us, no matter what.

(I can never have enough of my lemon poppy seed and almond cake, ala Jamie Oliver of course because it is so good it was never enough to go around)

And my lamb shanks…I told my elder son in whisper mode, It was ‘frarking delicious’. *sigh* My foods always make the party. I told Pastor Loh, people evangelise with words, I evangelize with foods, through people’s stomach. LOL.

People, you have a Merry Christmas, don’t drink and drive and remember that today is a special day because Christ our King is to be born.

To all the once a year Christian, get your butt to church before to parties. May the Lord touches your heart.

To all the regular Christians, remember that today is not just about Jesus and us but our duty to tell them about baby Jesus. Who was born as Man, suffer like us and yet, God loves us so much, He gave His only son to save us from the fires of hell.

To everyone else, God loves you too. May you find the joy, hope and peace on this special day.

God bless and Rejoice.

(I actually have a lot of stuffs today like going to get a website to go live on the internet, big task….sweats. Suppose to have a meeting in church with the team but how to rope people in on Christmas Eve? *prays doubly hard* And I have to start our carolling journey at 6.15 pm tonight. I hope I can make it home to spend Christmas countdown with the atm and kids. Traffic will come to almost a standstill along the beach stretch so they won’t be going as I am leaving on a bas sekolah. Read my Christmas post two years ago. Things are looking up. Praise God.)

13 thoughts on “‘Twas the day before Christmas..

  1. Lilian, the pictures of your food is really mouth watering. Damn, you are a a good cook. Can you send some over the cyberspace? 🙂 Merry Christmas, Lilian!

  2. merry, merry,merry xmas to u and ur lovely family, 5xmom! god bless u too!

    (yes, seeing how OFTEN u bake the lemon poppy seed cake, i’m quite curious how it tastes like myself)

  3. Auntie Lilian,
    Wish u and family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    You are a great cook! The turkey looks so tempting! So does the other food…WOW!

  4. Wish u and family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! God Bless you all!

    Nice turkey! Very tempting indeed! You are a great cook, auntie…Peace!

  5. Your food always look mouthwatering delicious! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless and God speed

  6. Wah! Looks so yummilicious. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. May the Lord bless all of you with wisdom,happiness, health and love!

  7. wow, i really have to tabik you lilian… where the heck you got all the strength??? any secret? haha i wished i was invited to the party at yr nephews… so many yummy dishes.

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