Drools over my lunch!


Roast leg of lamb with potatoes. I seasoned it with Sunquick! With lots of garlic stuffed into the meat. I wrapped it with foil and pop it into the oven this morning before I went for mass. Came back, brown it a bit and it is lunch.


The Norwegian Brown (goat) cheese. The cheese is brown, not the goat.


A platter of smoked salmon, strawberries, grapes, cheese.


Between my sons and I, we finished a bottle of Italian wine. Made me woozy for several minutes. Hehehe. Hey, a few sips of red wine on Christmas day is not illegal, ok? But my 15 years old is konked out and gone to nap immediately after a few sips.


The wine and the lamb go well together.


A small plate of spaghetti made with parmesan and butter.

I am dead tired. So sleepy I almost fell asleep during the priest homily, showing us the Holy Land photos. zzzzzz…….One more carolling session tonight at Rasa Sayang. And that’s the end of Christmas.

But here comes the New Year’s eve. Urggh…So many things to do do, so little time to mull over things.

By the way folks, I am pleased to announce that I finally found the courage to start a faith blog. Bought it for USD10 few nights ago. No time to do anything to it yet. Christian-journey.com.

14 thoughts on “Drools over my lunch!

  1. Please please please can I go over to your place for lunch tomorrow kak lilian! I want that leg of lamb…
    Looks soooo sedap!

  2. Hi Lilian,

    i thought that this should be publish in malaysiabest ? wah si pek confuse leh… Nevermind lah , see your food picture also tak boleh tahan liau..

    By the way , how is the taste of using brown cheese ? power boh ? got some for us to taste ? sure gone liau , i guess. he he he

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