Merry Kissmass! (and the winners are…)

Merry Christmas!

And the winners of the Rudolf contest are…

Rojakz have chosen :

Reading 5xmom is playing pass the parcel..always got surprise one!


Reading 5Xmom’s blog is one of the must do thing for me daily as she gives very informative information.


To all who took part, thank you!

Now, must go to sleep already. So that Santa can drop in.

Come celebrate mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit on Christmas morning. Time : 8.30 am.

7 thoughts on “Merry Kissmass! (and the winners are…)

  1. Merry Christmas 5XMom…

    Wow, what a suprised… ;D Thanks for choosing me to be one of the winners although I did not intented to join the competition…

    Anyhow, I got good plans for the prize… šŸ™‚ Will let 5XMom knows, when the time ocmes šŸ™‚

    Thanks again 5XMom and Wingz .. oh and not forget those who got involved in the competition as well as taking part in the singing of Christmas single šŸ™‚

  2. Phooowaaarrrrrrrrrr!!!

    I’m so surprised leh….But which part did you actually sing??? Tell la WINGZ!!!

    Thank you..thank you…

    The kids at Angels home will shout “Thank you Aunty Lilian and Unca Wingz!!!!! This RM50 will come in extra extra handy!!!!!..

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