How do I CHMOD files on Windows NT server, tolong?

I read those tutorials until head also big already.

I have this site which I think is hosted on Windows NT server. (not my own but someone else) I want to get some photo gallery running and need to CHMOD some files to 777. I had successfully set up the photo gallery on a test site of mine which runs on Linux.

Now, how do I CHMOD files on Windows NT server, ah? Is Windows NT server lauyah-er than Linux or what ah? Can someone give me some URL/link to find out how to do it? I googled but those tutorials are too technical.

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  1. your server should have FTP enabled right? if yes, all you need to do is download applets like LeechFTP or CuteFTP (freewares), log in to your ftp server, access the directory, right click and change the attributes of that particular file to 777.

  2. noor hidayat – Hehehe, I think I have admin access but I dunno what is telnet/SSH. Too risky to try so I think the moral of the story is never buy hosting from servers other than LINUX, am I right?

  3. chloe – I have seen that doc but it is greek to me as far as I am concern. LOL. I guess I will just drop the whole idea until our next project meeting. *haih* I am learning each day.

  4. There’s no such thing as doing a CHMOD on a Windows machine. If anything, doing a CHMOD 777 means changing the permission of the file/directory to be readable, writable and executable by all on a UNIX machine. in Windows, it’s typically done by right clicking on a file/directory and then specifying the permissions (i.e. Full) via the GUI. You might wanna get in touch with your hosting provider on what exactly you’re trying to do.

  5. dJ, some Windows NT hosting will use Unix emulator in Telnet or SSH access. FTPs also allow CHMOD but personally, I prefer SSH for doing permission changing.

    But natively, Windows environment runs on cacls

  6. lilian, you can trust Ah Yat advise. He is expert lah , graduate from MultiMedia U … Know him from small. Anything fall into his hand , sure can fix one..Talented computer gigs.

    Hello Yat , how’s things doing ?

  7. Wondows NT where got CHMOD lah? That is only for Linux servers. Ask your host to enable read/write for the file, that is all you can do.

    – MENJ

  8. Please check your web host provided web base file manager . There should be option in the file/folder manager allow you to set the “Read Write Execute” access.

  9. Move everything to your new super hosting service suak suak dy. Then use your cPanel and change to the desired access rights. Don’t think your hosting has SSH.

  10. Lilian/>
    Simple way is to use yr XP to logon to the FTP.
    Create a NETWORK PLACE
    enter the name, and type=FTP and enter other details.
    then LOGON, you’ll see something like yr file explorer(it is..but it’s REMOTE)

    Just as how you use WINDOWS to edit your permissions, U just right click,and set the settings.

    On the techy note, normally, the ISP installs WINDOWS TERMINAL SERVER on the site, so you download it and run the NX or X-TERM whichever they flavor. And depending on yr permissions, you have to execute the process.
    In old windows, we c:\ATTRIB -s-h-r

    Windows 2000 Server will allow you to do that inhouse as they got the s/w built in.

    Good luck.and only FEW FOTOgallery s/w runs on Windows..(hence it’s ASP files)

    Good luck

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