Video – Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Over the weekend, I discovered another few more persons who knew about my blog. *cold sweats* One of them is my in-laws. *sweats buckets of cold sweats* Next, is my choir member. 😛

(Please click play, then pause and wait for the download. The video is 2+ mins long)

This is one of the video my son took of our carolling just now. I think I am not in the video ‘cos I was standing somewhere in the middle. By far, this location is the most unique of all our carolling stints. We were standing by the beach with the waves roaring behind us. Can imagine a tsunami hit and you know what? Like they said, red dresses ghosts are the most ganas (vengeful). Lucky no tsunami or else habis! Kehkehkeh. We were standing under this bright spotlight and lots of those little green insects were buzzing over our heads. One or two got stucked to my lipstick, one went into my mouth, ptuii! and lots got stucked to my sweats. After a while, I decided to shift my face to the side or else I dare not open my mouth and get a colony buzzed into my throat. Uweekkk

Ahhh…I am so glad Christmas is finally over.

5 thoughts on “Video – Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. Happy boxing Day and greetings to you and your family!! 🙂

    I just caught your previous post and all those food is *drooling* just tempting. Damn, year end is a time to be jolly hor? Diet can go into next year resolution…:-P

  2. Song very nice wei 🙂 Merry *belated* christmass! My friend wanted to cook turkey yesterday, guess what I directed her to your food blog. and the turkey was good! 😀

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