Now we know…no international line, no internet

Niasing…I shouldn’t have spent 20 minutes waiting for 1-300-88-1515 and their freaking recorded voice messages.

First it was 20 seconds of ringing plus…”Terima kasih kerana menghubungi TM Net. Sekiranya anda tidak dapat akses ke internet, sila chek bil anda…” and “Thank you for calling TM Net. If you can’t access the internet, please check your bill.”

CCB, where got people greet their customers like that? Before I even get to open my mouth, TM Net already tell us all that all their customers busuk kaki, always default in payments. Stewpig or what? Know the international line down, fast fast change the recorded voice messages lah. Somemore cause me to waste 20 minutes of my precious time. 20 minutes, I can write two paid posts and get USD20 already you know…Niamah!

And now, all my ads aren’t showing, causing more losses. And I can’t access PayPal to get my money due today. Lucky I don’t do online business or else foam will froth from my mouth liao.

BTW, I see a lot of comments that had been eaten by the spam filter. But I can’t unleash them because….right, the spam filter software is from US so I can’t click the de-spam button. Duh.

Now I wonder how long are we going to suffer without faster connection? *Heh, blogspot bloggers lagi chialat, canot access at all.*

20 thoughts on “Now we know…no international line, no internet

  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaa………..can go siau wan ar….!!!! Mom, take us go somewhere b4 I go crazy!!!!

  2. I am going siaw liao… why our Internet connection become slow as a stupid snail when the connection is distrupted by the earthquake in taiwan?

    No backup line ah??

  3. Neo – Biasa ler….we all mana ada proper planning wan? Last time, my ex-company make the submarine & optic fibre cables wan, why they never order an extra few thousands KM hor? And my atm’s company installed the fibre-optics for the broadband wan. Skali want to instal, kan easier to instal more hor? Boh liu mah….

    2nd son- Hoi! Later people think we don’t live in the same house.

  4. Aah! I gotta wait for so freaking long for a page to load. I’m going crazy! My MSN cant even sign in. Luckily I visited every site i wanted before the stupid connection become so slow. ^^ And yeah,Auntie,Happy New Year oh! Wish you earlier so that I can be the first to wish you. Wahah~

  5. my blogspot can access. everything google-based also can access. all my .coms cannot access, ccb. ppp, paypal, and the rest all dead… DEAD!!!!

  6. Damn sian no internet the whole day…and the cilaka TMnet hotline, with all the nonsense greetings and last week when I had modem problem, for 5 days I had been hearing the message of “sorry..we are currently having a outage, bla bla blah” even they have solved the problem, they dont take off the message, waste my time and money to listen to this long boring message…really hate it so much

  7. TM (Telekom) existed since our Jabatan Telekom privatisation program started.

    They have all the resources and backing from the Government.

    Then they were awarded the first wireless license. (the 011).

    Then under the blessings of our Government, they were awarded 013(TM Touch) then 018(Mobifon) and the current 019(Celcom). With so many subscribers, assets and backing from the Government, they seems not to be working very well.

    In fact they are loosing on the subscribers and not making as much from new entries like Maxis and Digi. Their 3rd class service is to be blame.

    I am a Malaysian and I feel very, very, very, very, very shameful that our Goverment has hand pick such a bad team to lead in suppose to be profitable company but did not make any impression on the industry map.

    Look at all the Telcos in and around our neighbourhoods. They are growing like bamboo shoots and their earning are remarkable. What about TM? Shame…….Shame……… and Shame………

    And today Air Asia is in the lime light again with Airport Malaysia. Why can’t the Government be proud of our very own Dato’ Fernandez achievement but instead has been giving him a hard time and let all the cronies to pick on him whenever he has some good suggestions?

    Is this the way Malaysian Leaders protect Malaysians?
    Do you think any true Malaysian businessmen would want to reinvest in Malaysia if he doesn’t have political connections?

    Let alone inviting Malaysians expatriate to come back and serve? And be subjected to treatment like any other companies which has no political connections? Shame again…….

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