Some women from hell

Eheh, lately, it seems that more and more people knows about my blog. So, sometimes, I have interesting rants but dare not write ‘cos someone may think that I am talking about another one and someone tells another one and another one got angry and in the end I got it eventhough I am not talking about another one but someone else. Confused leh?

But heck, what’s 5xmom without the usual dose of errmmm….wise outlook on life? There are two types of women that I like to stay away from. Actually, I like to stay away from all women. LOL. They are sometimes really a pain. Agree or not?

The first one is those that is so meek and weak. They dare not form opinion, dare not bitch and just make lame, neutral comments when we bring up something worth debating about like political stuffs. I mean, if I talk to a guy, we would go into all sorts of extreme ideas and comments, have a good laugh over it and forget that we even ever said that. No bad feelings, nothing. But you know…some women will quickly change subject because they are afraid that God will punish them by just listening to me bitching about it.

Say, someone really stepped on my toes with her heels, I sure have the right to curse her if she walked off without a genuine apology, right? But Miss-Sked-of-God whom had seen my poor toe being stepped on, will cringe if I so much mumbled, “Cilaka, dunno how to wear heels, don’t wear lah. Stepped on my toe, pain like hell.” Because MSoG will think that it is sinful to talk badly about your neighbours. Duh. How lah to live if we have so much pent up anger?

And the second type of women are those domineeeering type. Fulamak, husband also she ordered around. Strangers around her also she ordered around. Like very clever like dat. Give order here and there, dunno what we do, also want to kepoh-kepoh. I used to have one ex-colleague like that. Niamah…I was so disgusted with her, I call her Queen Victoria. You know Queen Victoria? The one that looked like a frog?

Ok, I just remembered another type of woman that I absolutely cannot stand. The kind who works in a 9-5 meagre salary, low rank management level but mentang-mentang she is a working woman and I am a housewife, CCB will shout very loudly in front of an audience ‘HAIYAH…YOU HOUSEWIFE WHAT, YOU GOT PLENTY OF TIME LAH. NOT LIKE US WORKING WOMEN.’ And if that is not insult enough, they will ask you to do something mundane because .’YOU HOUSEWIFE WHAT, YOU GOT PLENTY OF TIME LAH. NOT LIKE US WORKING WOMEN.’ Blardy hell.

So, you meet any women from hell lately?

11 thoughts on “Some women from hell

  1. Lilian, after reading the first para, I thought I really need some “confu-san”.

    I bumped into a lady shopper last weekend and she asked me if she could cut the line coz she’s late for work – Kiss My Ass, lady. The line is long and everyone was standing on line waiting for their turn. Is it not sickening??

  2. some women are very insecure and totally depend on their byfriends/husband for every damn thing. they have this sickening and ‘manja’ whine in their voice which they like to use a lot while all the time clinging to the sleeve of their partner. so ‘geli’!

  3. What you mentioned in this post are some of the reasons why I’ve more male friends since I was young.

    Ada lagi type yang I kenot tahan. Those who need men to make them happy, they’re miserable without men. I know a few yang macam ni. Bila jantan telefon, bertenggek dan merenyeh kat telefon tu berjam2, put on their ‘manja’ voice (nak muntah aku dengaq) lepas tu nak mai cerita kat kita. Bila jantan tak call/layan, siap sampai nangis2, depressed pun ada. Menyampah betul aku, rasa nak tampaq muka depa kuat2, then hantuk pala depa kat dinding! Bodoh mengheput betoi!

    Kalau nak buat list, sampai esok pun tak habih la, Lilian, hehe.

    That said, ada jugak some men who bitch worse than women.

  4. ‘HAIYAH…YOU HOUSEWIFE WHAT, YOU GOT PLENTY OF TIME LAH. NOT LIKE US WORKING WOMEN.’ sounds familiar……….a familiar pharse at some meeting we attend………**hint**hint** I think I know who (even a man knows how insulting that is) btw, a house doesn’t need a wife. A HomeMAKER will be more appropriate as sh is the one who makes the home a family, not just a house.

  5. Hello! Housewife/Chee Sin Poh from hell here! Ha Ha HA! i think that’s what my neighbour calls me, after I yelled at her a couple of times! MUA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  6. Haha,that’s y sometimes I blog and ppl call me bitch just because whatever we write might not suit their taste. The heck with it. These kind of lady dont have them as friend oso ok la. I dont mind. ANd yes,I find men a better listener and also a better companion than woman.

  7. Wakakakaka, wanna cuss oso sked of god meh, sei lorrrr. If they need training, come live in my hs. Plenty of IBS’ to practise sparrig with,lol.

  8. Ya, I agreed. One called me fat after my delivery and that woman is my MIL!!! I really hate all the CCB aunties, insult people like nobody cares. Hate them!

  9. I know and met those kind of women that you described. Not really “from hell” lah, some are more annoying (like the who is too scared to have opinions). But I know another type of women that I just CANNOT stand. That is women who is around my age BUT always have advice and always make it their JOB to tell you what to do. I tell you, my blood just rises whenever they started “advicing” their two-cents. I mean, how much more experienced are they when we are in the same boat, first time mothers etc right?

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