Since I have plenty of time because I cannot do much, let’s have a little nitpicking! It is hentam-fest.

First the print media portrayal of bloggers. Did ya read the kind of things they wrote about us bloggers? Damn! They make us out like a bunch of addicts who suck on to the internet to fulfil out fetishes. That’s one lame swipe they try to take on bloggers. You can almost hear the ‘nyek, nyek, nyek, nyek, nyek, making farting sounds with armpit kinda-action’.

If they are smart enough, they should have highlighted the issue why a country such as ours are under the mercies of just a few cables? Why we don’t have better back-up? Internet line is not only for bloggers and instant message chatters, dumbass. It is for business and lots of other serious stuffs. Think what the world will think of us, poor little country that had been crippled over a few damaged cables? Think of the economy, budak-budak!

Next, I think the RM30 million yatch, which have been ‘absolutely denied’ (blek, say no not enuff meh?) will be very useful the sail the seas of flood waters in the southern states. Whoa…talk about that…think what the millions of potential tourists will think of a country with images of floating cars and throngs of people fleeing from floods? Visit Malaysia Year 2007, you say? Go beyond the ordinary?

And as expected, many politicians will come to gain mileage on the flood situation. Like one who is so ‘oh, so very the efficient’ in boasting that all the schools will be ready for students. Elo, Datuk, in a situation like this, no one cares if the students get to go back to school on the first day or a week later. But wait…our Datuk is very thoughtful…he is going to give them money! Did you hear that? Our generous and very kind Datuk wants to give money to students. Claps, please…. (if you don’t get it, I am in a perli mood)

Anyway, I must give credit to Bryan’s hosting because I still can access to my blogs and fulfil my fetish of blogging every five minutes. Hehehe.

6 thoughts on “Hentam-fest

  1. dang 5xmom, u’re clogging up the lines with your blogging… now tmnet hancur! =P hmmph. before the current taiwan quake issue, tmnet blames anime downloading for slow connection. all excuses. as you pointed out, how come that few cables are our ONLY source to the WWW?

  2. Wei, still don’t want to reply my mail ar? After no room, sleep on the streets don’t blame me ar! Hahahaha!

    Also email me what you expect to feast on when you are here. I want to fast for a few days before you come.

  3. Hi hi…sorry Lil, non related but just wanna advertise sikit…if u r free…bring yr family/kids/friends to Juru Autocity this Fri/Sat/Sun for the Countdown Fiesta.
    See u there ok ! Happy New Year to all.

  4. wingz – ‘Cos Bryan and I lives in the same territory so he sked I go bakar his house down so he mah fast fast find lubang to make sure I no komplen lor.

    Joez – You are still blogging? Wow. Will try to make it ‘cos I love your earrings.

    Apek – Heh, see my explanation to Wingz?

    Terence – Aiyor…I whole day went out shopping cos Parkson sales mah. Then, I go kaler and cut my hair nice-nice mah. No time la. Write to you later, ok?

    chloe – Biasa ler, we live by examples (from our country’s leaders). Find someone to blame all the time.

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