Very, very tiu

Because I saw one USD15 opp on PPP which is purrrfect for my photo blog but by the time I logged into PPP, the thing is gone.

This is how long it takes to log in –

Walk to kitchen

Boil a pot of hot water


Pick green boogie from nose (bluff wan lah)

Make a cup of coffee

Added some sugar



Scratch limbs because of the blardy green insects which bites and leaves red marks

Wash a batch of clothes

Scratch butt (hehehe)

Walk out of kitchen into living room

and the green bars (indicating how much longer to wait for the page to download) is only 50% complete.

By the time I finally got into PayPerPost dashboard, everything is gone. Ammmah….I have like 20 payments waiting for me in PayPal and I can’t access PayPal! Steamyass!

P/S – No regular 5xmom post ‘cos I am busy with getting a site to run. #@$*&%!! Why aren’t my index.htm showing? I opened a public_html folder but it seems to already have a httpdocs there. I know when I hosted with Integricity a long, long time ago, I had to use httpdocs and not public_html folder. And why is the remote folder having a /admin/ there when i uploaded my files? Grrr…This local host better be nice to me and I am timing their response time. Moral of the story : If you want to find a webhosting, go ask my webhost Bryan (who is a reseller with servers in US). Unless you are expert like me, then, can sendiri go buy a hosting from some US company to meddle around with. (that project I am doing now is a team project so I cannot use it on my server, gbyeow)

8 thoughts on “Very, very tiu

  1. Forget bout doing much postings this week, lol. I saw that post but all gone lah as usual, cheh!! This morning got some training ones, also good paying… abuthen….. haih…. earthquake mah, hoh…. sigh…..

  2. hahahaha…me too!! but i took the 6 bucks one instead. that’s all i made yesterday before i got so fed up and decided to go on an template changing orgy again at blogger. Funny i could still log in to Blogger easily yesterday. My own domain like cock!

  3. Same thing happen here in the Borneo Island. Yesterday was so damn slow that I almost smack my laptop budden its not my laptop’s fault wat. It’s the fucking streamyx! Grrr….tak boleh tahan!

  4. aiyo, one day w/o internet (altho not entirely la) can make front page of the newspaper.

    anyway dec26 seem to be a very auspicious day, hor?

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