Want to make money through TextLinkAds?

Hehehe, this is a recruitment drive. No money involve for you. So, don’t worry. You only earn money. As you know, I am very pleased with TextLinkAds income through the links placed in all my blogs. My parenting and women blog have done well each month as all the 10 slots are sold and one even have an extra slot because the site I own is in demand.

However, bloggers using Blogspot aren’t able to sign up with TextLinkAd previous. Well, now you can. So, hurry up and place your blogs with TextLinkAds now. Read all my tips on how to sell links through my Make Money blog. Meantime, you can sign up with my referral link at Text Link Ads. I do get a little payment for every person I referred.

Faster-faster, the early birds get the good stuffs.

3 thoughts on “Want to make money through TextLinkAds?

  1. You’ve got another referral in me as well. I’ve signed up too but…….. I can’t do anything further than that because of the slow internet connection. Also, I think its compatible with the new blogger which I have problems upgrading to. šŸ™

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