For every Saddam they put down, thousands of innocents are going to die as well

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I was at the mamak stall when TV3 flashed the scene of [tag]Saddam[/tag] getting hanged and subsequently showing his dead body. I don’t know which idiot it is that allows this to be shown over at prime time TV.

Ask ourselves, what do we gained out of watching this? Why do they allowed the death sentence to be shown? Do they think that those people who are bended on killing innocent people are going to be scared shitless and stop being terrorists or whatever crime they are planning?

These people are looking at their beloved martyr being murdered by the Americans. More are going to be more vengeful. These people are going to tell their children how bad the rest of the world is. These young kids are going to grow up planning more killings.

Things can only get worse. Sometimes, we never learn, do we?

Though I don’t care much about Saddam, whether dead or alive, the scene made me sick nevertheless. I hope the media will not continue replaying the scene over and over again. Otherwise, we have to brace ourselves for more 9-11.

7 thoughts on “For every Saddam they put down, thousands of innocents are going to die as well

  1. Lilian, I totally agree with you. I am not a fan of Saddam but by punishing him this way, things are just going to get worse. Why can’t they just jail him for life! And I agree with you on the tactless decision to keep showing that clip, even now on CNN at 11.30 pm!

  2. well, they made him a Matyr out of a Villian. No doubt he caused alot of deaths, but to make Iraq intact…is similar to what we called ISA or the likes.

    what is worse,is he died on Eid itself…since Eid begins at dusk (when muslims start the takbir after maghrib prayers) and Eid in arab countries is a day earlier.

    Tot they banned pics of pple being hanged in M’sia?
    Quoted from ST:
    Rizkar Mohammed Amin, who later resigned as the trial’s chief judge, said Iraqi law banned executions during the Eid Al-Adha festival period that marks the end of the annual Haj pilgrimage.
    The four-day Feast of the Sacrifice began for Iraqi Sunnis on Saturday – the day Saddam was hanged in Baghdad – and on Sunday for Shiites.
    Mr Amin also claimed that Iraqi law stipulates an execution must be carried out 30 days after the appeal court’s decision on the sentencing, which in this case upheld the death sentence of Saddam.

  3. Despite the poor taste in the choice of date for the hanging and videos captured of the hanging itself, there is little violence that resulted from this.

    So I guess it’s not such a bad thing after all..

  4. i totally forgot about Saddam because of the calamity closer at home, the southern part. until when i was home with all my relatives and the TV was showing his last moments. i’m no fan of Saddam but to hang him on the Eid day itself (i believe the Arabs celebrate it earlier one day than us in M’sia) and to show it all over the world … my prayer is for the Muslim performing Hajj , i was worried some group might go berserk but Alhamdullilah, no untowards incident happen in Mecca related to the hanging. one of BIL said it’s a humiliation to the Muslim world but to me it’s a humilation to the whole mankind. parading someone’s hanging all over the world. his last moments are his private moments … he’s making the most of it by apprearing sort of “syahid-to-be” … ahhh too much politics.

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