New Year resolutions

LOL, I just found a 2006 New Year resolutions on my blog! I have forgotten that I wrote one. Here’s what I wrote and what I achieved (in bracket):

) Turn to Ah Lian Soh, wear sequins, silver and gold thread, black lacey stuffs and jeans with rhinestones;
(Done that)

2) Wear dangling earrings;
(It is my daily staples and I have like 30 pairs right now)

3) Paint hot fuschia nails;

(Did that too but not recently)

4) Dye hair to red;

(Just burnt RM75 yesterday to dye my hair brown)

5) Pointy shoes with more sequins and beads(ok, no pointy bras hor?)

(Yes sireee…)

6) Start to cuss in Hokkien;

(Hamik lanciau? Counted or not?)

7) Drive like Kancil owners; (put signal to turn left but turn right instead)

(Heh, I did way beyond that and lucky I got Terence to save me!)

8) Haggle with vegetable sellers, fishmongers and butchers for 10-20 cents reduction;

(No, my heart is too kind to haggle with poor folks.)

9) Watch Wah Lai Toi from morning till night;

(We had unsubscribed from Wah Lai Toi sometime in February)

10) Forget about blogging or learning anything new.

(Where can?)

So, this is my 2007 New Year resolutions for the web:

1) Get my faith blog off the ground with constant updating. It will be my way of keeping close to the Lord.

2) Contribute to my fellow bloggers friends by providing a domain where they can expand their bloggers social circle.

3) Stay rooted to the ground and not get sucked into blog politics, cliques, money or influences.

4) Constantly remember that my skills are God-given and back to God I give. Freely I receive, freely I must give.

5) Gain more courage to speak my heart instead of bending to please others.

6) Acquire a few more domains by end of next year.

7) Earn five figure income (per month) in RM by next year. (Hey, I never expect to make even a three digit income but I had achieved that this year.)

Lucky seven.

Sorry that I have not answered some of your mails because I had been busy helping out in a team project. Praise the Lord, the site is almost complete and ready to be launched on 31st December 2006.

So, what’s your resolutions?

12 thoughts on “New Year resolutions

  1. Happy New Year Lil !!! Hope you can make it with all of your 2007 resolutions. For me duh no resolutions this year….

  2. I no resolution, but i read in wings comment you are launching something on New Years eve, so i pray my kuan im mah you soon soon lei lei .

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Lilian.

    You are a dear friend!

  3. Uahhh!! Next year’s resolutions are soo much loftier than this year’s horr? What’s gotten into u? Haha.

    New Year wishes to you and all in the family. God bless.

  4. Me too, me too. When Gordon goes to school next yr. I’ll have more time on hand to work at all my blogs. With good contents, i’m sure we’ll get more readers. Have to persevere. And then, can start more blogs, on more topics.

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