Auld Lang Syne

I had spent almost 10 years with ex-colleagues on every New Year’s Eve when I was working. It was the dreaded annual sales dinner that my boss hosted. Though the food was usually very scrumptious and kick-ass expensive, we hate it because it means being away from our boyfriends/spouses and families. Only managers were invited. I was the organiser and had to oversee things.

Finally when I left my job, I was free to celebrate with the hubby and kids. On every New Year’s Eve, we will tell them the significance of it even when they were very small. Doing it with family means no more champagne, no more lobsters, no more worrying about colleagues getting drunk and drive, no more those stupid elephant walk group dance, no more hoarse Auld Lang Syne or getting coddled by half-drunk or pretend to-be-drunk senior managers. Phew…

Tonight, I am going for the New Year’s Vigil mass at 10.30 pm. It is going to be a memorable night for me because our cathedral website will be launched. Like all the other team members, we had worried about getting it ready, in time for New Year’s Eve. Thank God, the site is up. If anything happens like getting a 404 error, our group members are going to blame it on Streamyx and the Taiwan quake. What a nice timing! Kehkehkeh.

So, my dear, most sayang readers sekalian, I would like to wish you all – HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MAY GOD BLESS US ALL. Let 2007 be filled with lots of laughter, happiness, love, joy, good health, some wealth and plenty of good tidings!

Now you will have to excuse me to paint my nails, do my hair and get my stuffs ready. It is nice to be ‘working’ again, albeit a service to the Lord and not for the gaji.

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  1. Happy, healthy, horny, funny, merry New Year to you and your loved ones!

    Thank you for a year of fun filled posts. Looking forward to more in 2007!

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