Frenz of Rojakz and 5xmom – Faster join FrenzRSS

Today is a good day to launch this site that I kongsi with Rojakz. Everyone can remember 1st January 2007, right?

So, if you are a blogger who reads Rojakz and 5xmom, please go to and submit your URL. This way, it is easier for everyone to catch your latest post.

The join FrenzRSS form is here. And the latest feed is here.

We are still working on the site but since today is good day to launch, we present it to everyone first.

Please note : Add the feeds URL of your blog with the form. Usually blogspot ones are and the others are like (or something similar)

SORRY THAT WE DO NOT ACCEPT BLOGS THAT ARE HEAVILY FILLED WITH PAID POSTS AT THE MOMENT. ‘Cos I don’t know how to filter out those blogs posts yet. šŸ˜› The system picks up every single one of your posts, not like PPS where you can opt not to ping. Like I said, it is under construction.

Thank you for your support!

10 thoughts on “Frenz of Rojakz and 5xmom – Faster join FrenzRSS

  1. Have you joined FrenzRSS yet?

    FrenzRSS, a lovely name don’t you think? FrenzRSS is a place where friendly bloggers gather. FrenzRSS was launched on 1st January. It is jointly run by 5xmom and Rojaks. If you’re a Malaysian blogger, these two need no introduction.

    If you like pinging your posts to various directories, sites or local communities then hurry up and join. The site is still under construction but it is accepting pings right now. Here are the latest ……….

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