HolySpiritCathedral.com is born

Finally, it is launched!


It is not perfect yet and is still under construction. A site built by a group who has very little knowledge about building websites. None of us are experts and I think this is a testimony of God’s promise about Him equipping whom He called. We will improve and work on it further.

(Youths who animated the mass on New Year’s eve.)

Meantime, please feel free to browse through. Nicol David gave her testimonial’s on how God works through her. We have the Lord’s Prayer nicely done by Angela on this page. And those of you are are interested to find out more about RCIA, please take time to learn it here.


It has been great working with the Multimedia Team. It was a learning process for me because I get to understand how a church works and runs. I discover that it is us, the people who makes it happen.


Scenes like these young people enjoying themselves in church makes everything worthwhile. They did a marvellous job last night and I am so proud to see how independent and capable they are in carrying out their individual tasks. I am sure all their parents and parishioners are humbled by their eagerness, enthusiasm, joy and all the positives vibes in serving the Lord. Praise the Lord!

6 thoughts on “HolySpiritCathedral.com is born

  1. To the 5Xmom … A Happy New Year to you and God bless everyone whom had made the cathedral’s website possible. It’s such a waste that the picture of the youths who animated the mass on New Year’s eve was blurred…

  2. Michael – Actually, I double blur the pic (which wasn’t very clear anyway) ‘cos I don’t like the idea of putting clear pics of other people on my blog. Are you from HSC too?

    Samm – Yay!

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