Go fly kite lah, Fat4

You can go on whining about how good you are and how bad the others are.

I can just ignore what you wrote. Anyway, who bothers to read what you write?

But for the shiok of it, I am going to pick on you.

I tell you why people like to pick on you. I am not the first person. So, let me be kind and tell you why you are the subject of people like Earl-ku’s hentam. (Read Apa Lanjiao xBlogger?)

Because you are a much worse public annoyance since the last bout bloggers bash. At least the two of them never whine like you. They just walk off PPS like a man. They continue making their money and continue providing their regular posts.

But you got ‘small heart’. Every once in a while, you will bring back the past and rant.

Adsense boasting? Yet another troll somewhere else boasts even more but none seems to be as offensive as mine which talks about me getting a cheque every month from one of the world’s largest internet company. I have not release any amount I made not that it is important. Look, at least I have not walked on the dark side and sell my soul to postings PPP (pay per posts) right?

And for fark’s sake, no one like to read stuffs like A Laughter A Day.

So, painful as it seems, almost every blogger are bitching behind your back. They said your posts are lame. Your materials are copy-pasted. Some of them you never even give credit but took from management book.

But only 5xmom has the heart and courage to tell you. Because I did encourage you to keep niche blogs. I did advise you on how to blend into the blogsphere. But your head is too big. You think that traffic is all that matters. Money is all that important. It is not. It is the respect you gained from your blogs. You have none. OK? Geddit?

The day you forget to mention that RobertChai and that stewpig Idol what-what rubbish contest is yours, is the day people lost confidence in you. Where is the contest? Where is the RM50 per month prize? Bankrupt, right? ‘Cos no one gives a shit.

If you want to live cohesively in the blogsphere, stop polluting the public areas with so many posts no one cares about. Stop picking on people and sweeping everyone down with a strike with your stupid words. Then only you got the right to write egoistic stuffs like “The Anatomy Of Malaysia Blogosphere”. Now go back to your PC and copy paste your day away.

Everyone says “YEAH!” 😛

18 thoughts on “Go fly kite lah, Fat4

  1. Wah…asking for a blog war is VERY unlike you. You woke up from the wrong side of the bed? Err…don’t get mad at me ok.

    – MENJ

  2. blardy hell – i tried to load this comment page for so damnnnnnn fucking longgggggggggg

    fak tmnet fak tmnet …

    ok those asides …

    now, i wanna reping my entries too … less than 50% is ok rite … i wanna reping less than 50 percent of all my entries today can ar?

  3. Yatz – Hehehe, you got wear the sherrif star or not?

    gbyeow – But ‘song’ to fire mah. New Year must test if I still bullets or not. Test fire oni, pway-pway wan.

    earl-ku – You traitor! He said you are good wor, no hard feelings with you, you better go back to his side fast fast.

    Ah Pek – Too much time mah, still holiday today here in Penang.

  4. I don’t understand this fat4, if you don’t like to read somebody’s writings, don’t read it, leave the blog. guess fat4 did not read about the section under ME.

  5. eh i am not taking sides also … i wag emy own war, but no one there also …

    so i just retreat and claim victorious la … since there wasnt any retaliation …

    ai me small small potato only, mana bleh wage war …

    but not the same can be said of you …


  6. earl-ku – I where got time to wage war lah. I busy earning USD kaching kaching. *please take out puke bag* I only post this because I want to uphold the dignity of all of us who write paid posts mah. Chey…somemore you all tarak sapot gua 99. I very patriotric to money what. People said we walk on the dark side, so I ambik lampu go shine their backside lor. Muahahar.

    Dawn – It is nice to lure the trolls out from the woods. Give those commentors who hide and wait for reasons to taruh me to voice themselves.

  7. Samm – Yalor, there is such a thing call consideration for others. I see the lame jokes A Laughter A Day until tulan adi. Every once in a while, sure use Jesus and Mary’s name in the joke. So, I Christian fanatic mah hentam lor, correct anot? Kehekehkeh.

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