The cost of sending a kid to school

Uniforms consisting of shirt, pants, socks & shoe – One set = RM130

Books and workbooks plus blood sucking exercise books printed by various majlis – RM150 for a Standard Five student.

Bags & stationeries = RM 30

Some fees to be paid to school = RM20

Total = RM330 for basic stuffs for a Standard Five.

RM400 for a Form Five student.

RM150 for a Form Three kid because he is getting hands-me-down books from the elder brother.

Total : close to RM1,000 = An amount that many poor families cannot afford.

Imagine if you have five kids, you will need at least RM1,500 even if you get free books loan from the Government.

Anyway…yay! School opens tomorrow. This means, no more late night loud music to disturb my train of thoughts while I am writing paid posts. Or people asking me to prepare supper like Indomie mee goreng kari kapitan at 2am.

It also means I don’t have to prepare breakfast and meals throughout the day.

It means lot of rants and whines like, “Ma….why do we have to go to school?” But it is nice to get rid of them!

Best nyer….One more year before I get rid of my toddler to kindie. Then, total freedom!

19 thoughts on “The cost of sending a kid to school

  1. Enjoy their company while you can and don’t complain too much…My mom complain that we don’t go back too often now…back then…she complained the same thing just like you. Everything has it’s moment in time.

  2. Wuah Tehsee, the only complain I have is how some blog readers like to come and make conclusions. Who is complaining? How many kids are you living with now?

  3. lol. assumptions are everywhere. let’s just hope they aren’t wrong ones, that’s all.

    hey, i’m rejoicing too! rejoicing that i’ll be home alone in the days from tomorrow onwards! all bros at school/national service

  4. wat to do, u and atm FIVE-x-parent wor…but when they all start working dat time, u chiak beh liao la!

  5. Oversea student fees in UK University is ƂĀ£17,800 a year = 124,6000 ringgits. Private Uni in Msia r not cheap either. Education is getting very expensive and I do not wish it 2b the priviledge of the rich, or the many :P. Things can only change for the better; I m an optimist!

  6. Hello Aunty!!!

    A Happy New Year and a Blessed Christmas to you.

    Wishing you all the best this year.

    Well, guess the anak are now in school and its time to don your chauffer hat and drive them to school, tuition and extra classes eh? All the best and God Bless.

    Incidentally, Wuching would send you a photo of the “Kueh Babi” that I made, which he tried and took a photo and he promised would send to you.. you can try to make it also..if u still got the recipe i sent u šŸ˜›

  7. Yes yes, with all the distraction gone, the household is once again a peace eh? lol

    99% of the mothers I know (from the gym lar) are thankful school re-opens…

    Hallelujah, ormitofo….

  8. Yesterday my parents shouted “Finally! Time to extend my sleep to another hour! After 15 years of fetching you kids to school early in the morning…”


  9. Clare – Hehehe, I am lucky I don’t have to do that, wake up early. But not anymore next year ‘cos my toddler will be in kindy.

    Helen – Wuah…silence at home, so peaceful.

    QV – Aisay, you shud follow Wuching to KL mah. Eh, I dun do chaffeur servis one cos I live next to the primary school only. The secondary kids hitch a ride/public bus/own bike.

    pablo – Yeah, we are the golongan termiskin. So afford only one set. Hehehe, experience taught me – if I buy three sets, by the month end, I will have three very dirty, ink/paint stained shirts with tears. So, I buy only one, dispose and buy another as and when necessary. We have dryer, so wash and dry every day.

    David – Yeah, the rich get smarter, the poor stayed behind.

    AhPek – Tuition? My kids dun go tuition cos they dun like to go. This year maybe la, got one PMR and one SPM kid.

    sooi2 – Yeah, I can travel round and round the world 80 times. Hahaha.

    Jamie – Because if you don’t, no hot chick is going to dig you. Is that motivation enough? šŸ˜›

    Bodicea – Piss on earth!

  10. Wooo…new year already kena tembak from 5Xmom….sori sori, banyak ampuan tuanku….don’t feed me to the spam monster. Add New Year resolution 2007–never piss off 5Xmom.

  11. But Primary/Secondary is still cheaper than Kindie. I paid a whooping of Rm1,000 just for one child. And the stationary is RM300 for 1/2 year. Later in June i have to fork out another Rm300. *gah. Now i can’t wait for son to attend primary school.

  12. HAHAHA, yes am contemplating that at the moment….so you might see me there after all…

    wah!! dnt have to chauffer ah!! So ho miah hehehehe

  13. William just joined kindergarten. I bought 3 sets of uniform ler… so expensive. By the way can you tell me about using dryer. I am thinking of getting one this year.

  14. my son is in standard one. pening loooo…everyday supply new glue bottle, new pencil, new eraser etc. costly meh
    one day this kid took it from him, the next day another kid took it. tired lecturing him everyday.

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