Xin Nien Lai Lor

Actually, I think a flu battalion is going to attack me. I had been too busy to even fall sick eventhough I can feel the scratchy throat, aching bones and the works. You know lah, when you are a woman, you normally put aside falling sick, amongst other things to do other more important stuffs. Like cooking moey (broth) for the poor, sicky old man who is on MC today. Correct or not, moms? It is service first, right? Hehehe. I had just popped cod liver oil, Pharmaton, Bio ACE and EPO for the extra protection. I know, I know, I will kill myself with an overdose of vitamins. The worst I get is lau sai from intolerance of vitamin C.


So, I guess my body is going to fight off the bugs because hey, I got to go to Melaka this weekend and meet Terence and then, if possible WuChing. Nay…cannot afford to fall sick now. I want to go drink tea (my niece’s wedding tea) and naik beca in Melaka town wearing cheongsam ‘cos my sis said they have some Chinese themes like dat. Wuah, Terence, you sure you can handle that or not? Hahaha.

I was at this restaurant on New Year’s day for lunch and they are already playing Chinese New Year dong-dong-chiang music. Best nyer…it puts me right into Chinese New Year mood. I suppose if I fast forward to Chinese New Year now, I won’t have time to wallow and get sick, no?

11 thoughts on “Xin Nien Lai Lor

  1. eh lilian! thanks for dropping by..happy new year ah..ish ish paiseh lah didnt drop by so long n din update my own blog much…bz wif festivities lah.


  2. Tell me about playing chinese new year songs, heard that on the 30th of December as I was out buying something at the supermarket and they were playing it on the sound system in the shop!!! Goodness!!! 37 days of Chinese New Year songs?? hehehe

    I always wonder why it is that everyone seems to fall sick on the start of the New Year, overdose during Christmas or something?

  3. Even before Christmas, a lot of shops already put up the irritating dong dong chiang when people were in the mood for Christmas. Put dong dong chiang after new year baru got mood mar…

  4. Bernard – Want to get smack issit? 😛 For beautiful skin lah. What will happen to this blog if there is no mood swings wor.

    Clare – Wuah, must protest like that. Hehehe.

    Erina – My Christmas tree already masuk kotak ‘cos I beh tahan with the shine (next to me at the PC so irritates my eyes). Now waiting for the pussy willows to arrive from China.

    QV – But I love CNY! I can spulrge and no one will reminds me ‘You know…it is not about celebrating’. (lik Christmas) That means I can celebrate any way I want. Hehehe.

    Samm – I am waiting for Lin Peh CNY sing-song liao.

    astrosurge – too hard ya? Hey, I added your feed to without your permission. Cos I like to be updated.

    Hijackqueen – Time to turn my house red! I love CNY!

  5. hi. hope you feel better now. yaya, fast forwards la pls… i like cny la.. cant wait… walloping new year cookies now hehe….oooo cant wait for the pineapple tarts and kuih kapit…

  6. Sometimes, I think things move too fast – like everybody wants to capitalise on CNY, so songs and decorations are places wayyyyyyy before the time. But then again who cares hor when I get to eat all the goodies?!!

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