Do you know what happened when you drink wine with panadols? Nothing. So potong stim oni. I thought can bring down fever faster. Have you tried drinking wine with durians? The old folks said if we mix durians with alchohol, we can die if when the mixture goes into our stomach. I tried that before too. Also, bluff wan.

Anyway, I am not the mood to write much. So, I will point out to my previous post where mott and siwwypig won the RM50 prize for the guess the Rudolf song. mott wanted me to donate the money to a children’s home. Siwwypig wanted to give to my kids as pocket money. (thanks!)

I was supposed to go to St. Joseph Orphanage but the plan was cancelled. So, what I am going to do is to donate the money to the flood victims of Johor. Earl-ku is helping to get the money and make a collective donation as ‘Caring Malaysian Bloggers’. Of course, I can give the donation direct to the Red Cresent Society but it seems to have a nice ring to be ‘Caring Malaysian Bloggers’. So, I am going to pass RM150 (RM50 from me + RM100 from the contest) to Earl-ku. Note that this is not an open donation drive because Earl cannot collect donations like this. But I have known Earl-ku as a blogger for like years already when he was writing from his blogspot account. If you trust him enough, hehehehe, then, you may want to chip in too. Read about it on his blog. If not, no obligations, ok?

We have the feelings that since we are earning money from paid posts, it is only right we give back some money to charities. So, all you bloggers who have made some money from blogging, give back a bit lah! If you still need a little push, read TV Smith’s blog and see for yourself how bad the damage was.

7 thoughts on “Donations

  1. To the remarks on durian and alcohol, i think its partly due to the fact that durian is heaty and certain alcohol are known to be heaty, so combined that together in overdose, it would result in over heatyness (is there such a term?) in this situation, I’m talking about eating lots and lots of durians and drinking bottles of alcohol lah..well, maybe not bottles but roughly 4 to 6 glasses of hard liqour…sure overheat one..die or not I don’t know lah… Eat Durian and then drink beer..nobody wants to be in the same room as you when you burp hehehehehe

    Caring Malaysian Bloggers sounds like a far better avenue to donate funds for the victims than the Govt operated ones or the Red Cross/Cresent? as those funds has a tendency to be channeled elsewhere…and since Earl-ku comes highly recommended by Aunty, I guess it would be safe to donate through him…

  2. Even XO + durian also won’t die. Just waste the liquor only.

    For donation, black box govt funds must be avoided. I donate directly to Tzuchi, MRCS. BTW, the flood now become political show in mainstream news media. Cibai politikus go show face and leave the area in ASAP! Even those so call “political parties” help booth never last longer than 2 days. While those on going helps from Singapore NGO is NEVER mentioned in local news all.

  3. The danger in consumption of alcohol and durian is not dying. It’s just a chemical reaction which may cause you to vomit/regurgitate everything that you have just consumed in that short period or leave you feeling sick to the stomach.

  4. I blogged about the durian + alcohol can die thingy not long ago too. I tried it during the Christmas Carolling at a parents’ friend’s place. Yalah, bluff wan lah. Until today, I tak mati pun…

    But my grandma said if eat lots and lots of durian and some really ‘hard-core’ liquor together baru will die lor…

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