Gambling is part of our lives


Well, at least to us who celebrate Chinese New Year. When it comes to Chinese New Year, all the regular rules and regulations will be put aside. Moms and dads will bring out the table, cards and chips. Mahjongs, gin rummy, blackjacks and poker and all sort of betting games were the order of the season. We will play for 15 days straight and after that, no more until the following year.

I remember learning poker from my atm when I was about 21 yrs old. It is not an easy game because one has to have wit and a stone face to play. I get confused with all those different sets so I ditched the idea. Instead, I love mahjong. All my kids, as young as 8 years old can play a mean game of mahjong. If one has the discipline, a little gambling is good for the brains cells. You need to have a clear mind and smart tactics to win a game.

Online Poker and other online casinos are easily available but I personally think none of the people who have no discipline ought to venture into them. These are the people who can gamble away their house and car during the World Cup, for e.g. But if one treats it as good, clean fun, then it is alright, I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Gambling is part of our lives

  1. Gambling during CNY is ok, as long as we must remember our limit and never to get addicted to it.

    I guess, in all things, moderation is the key word.

    Never mastered mah jong, but loves to play blackjack or 21

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