In sickness and in health, lausai oso no part

You know hor…when you are married and lived with a person like 20 years, you can get sienz if you are not careful. But I suppose ours is built on lots of tough times, good times so I don’t feel sienz lah.

Like before Christmas, when I was up to my head with things to do, my atm got sick. So, he couldn’t accompany me on my shopping trips. And if that is not bad enough, he got lau sai after a lunch party at the office. Again, after that…when the lau sai is ok, he got the flu bug again. Doh! Like I have a lot of patience like that.

‘Cos if he is sick, it means a lot of manja-ing like foot rub lah, cook chrysanthemum tea lah, cook moey lah, lots of ‘How are you dear…..Feeling better now?’ (wei, all the husbands out there got jeles of the lucky man or not?) Then, don’t forget to touch-touch the forehead and insist he has a fever eventhough you know it is 80% whine only.

Yesterday, he got MC but he had returned to work today. At the same time, I started feeling sick because I thought I have time to feel sick already. But no….this morning, I woke up with a throbbing headache, chest pain (due to infection) and chills. He got me panadols, Rhinathol and a glass of hot Milo. (Don’t attempt self-medication at home ok? Only I can do that.)

I thought, ok lurrr…I sindiri nurse my own fever. But mana tau, my Std. Five kid pulak got the same thing and couldn’t go to school this morning. And I had been picking vomit and feeding medicines. I can forget about my own fever already. See lah, you say those marriage vows cun or not? I committed liao, so cannot complain.

Actually, it is a very good reminder for us to remember this marriage vows. I had been bed-ridden a few times due to sprain ankle, risky pregnancy, recoveries from surgeries blah blah blah and he had in his own way, run around me. And when he got his eheh, mild illnesses, I too had been giving that extra attention and pamperings. It takes lots of patience to make a marriage work, you know?

12 thoughts on “In sickness and in health, lausai oso no part

  1. Yes, lah. It works both ways also, right?

    I’ve seen women who come late for breast cancer. When I asked them why, i’ve been given answer … no time to come because nobody to take care of the husband and kids.

    Hubbys also … have to ask once in a while … “are you ok?” Sometimes, these women just won’t say it.

  2. must be too much heaty stuff eaten during the holidays leh…like ur lamb shanks, LOL!

  3. i totally agree with you. If we r careful, marriage will just destroy like that. Been with Lawrence for 13 years together included of 5 years courting. So far, we have not get sian yet lar. In fact, lots of interesting come by. When come to my turn to sick, guess I am lucky lor. He will either take off to take care of me and ta pau for me. Ada juga lah, at times he will cook for me. If he is really busy then, he will drop by home 1 or 2 times before ‘pang kang’. Take medicine and water for me according to the time that I need to consume them. Guess, I am the lucky one. When he is sick, i also got jaga him.

  4. Wow!

    I hope I can find such a good and nice life partner ler…My parish Bishop said ‘u have to pray for it all the time’ to get a suitable soul mate. I must do so then.

    U are so blessed, Auntie, with such a happy family. LOL! I’m happy for you.

  5. Totally agree with you Lilian. When hubby was in the hospital for alcohol poisoning, thought of saying “see ya” but just can’t do it. Took marriage vows, must live to it…”for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.” Tough marriage initially, but after he hit rock bottom, and standing by him, now it’s like we just got married.

  6. Yup. Marriage which has gone through tough time is the best marriage.

    In fact, my wife said she felt ‘warmest’ when she fell sick. Haha.

  7. Hi Lilian. I really enjoy reading your blog. Your husband and children are really lucky to have such a wonderful mother/wife like you. You seem to be so positive about life. Keep up the good work.

  8. I am back. So many claims until cannot see my work table. I also got the flu bug.

    So when you wanna visit the church? Beca wedding entourage?? Got newspaper reporter coverage ah??

    Wah liau! My outlaws also coming to Melaka this weekend. Plus you equals to Hainanese typhoon.

    Dinner on Saturday night?

  9. Well, I hope you feel better soon dear woman. You got fever still have to take care of family and still must blog oso otherwise we all miss you. Hahaha.

  10. sniff sniff,

    lilian; yr bout of vomiting and flu contagious til to kl le….now i pula sick…but yr son and atm lucky, got u to take care of them…me no one….get well soon ya.

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