Hainanese Typhoon going to Melaka!

This photo was taken in September 12 2002. That is almost five years ago! I think that is how long since I have been to Melaka!

At that time, I was pregnant with Matthew. So, I never got up to the hillock with dunno-whose-grave there. I am not interested to climb up anyway ‘cos it was way too hot and crowded. Jeez, I hate tourists. I hate local tourists. I hate local tourists who flock to see stones like they are diamonds. I hate local tourits who flock to see stones like they are diamonds and then, steal a piece home like they are some magical stone. Yes, yes, someone told me that people went up the A’ Famosa and took a piece of the stone from the fort because it is supposed to give them protection or something.

BTW, I am not sure if we are all fit to travel on Saturday. Tomorrow I must take my kid to see their fav. doc. because his fever is still high. He always have problems with his inflamed tonsils. LOL, just now, he scared the shit out of me because he walked out of the room, dazed and asked me, “Why are there so many things on the bed?” I was like huh? You see ghosts ah? So, I took him back to the room and he said everything is so huge. I guess his fever has made him delusional. I experienced that too when I was young. Everything seems to loom and you turned into a tiny speckle. So, I kasi Brufen because PCM doesn’t work on him. Sponge and sponge. And I told him if the fever still won’t go away, I am going to stuff his ars*hol* with suppository. (don’t ever self-medicate, my doctor approved me to do so only)

So, have you heard of Hainanese Typhoon? It means that Hainanese people are hot tempered. Am I? Got meh? Really ah? I also dunno wan….But I know that people musn’t cross my path if they don’t want destructions. So, remember to always read my page here before you simply tembak with comments, ok? You can make lame blog posts about me in your own blog but don’t ever try to come and bitch about me in my own blog. Pttuii! (This message is for those commentors whose comments have been deleted. Give up already, you are wasting your time.)

13 thoughts on “Hainanese Typhoon going to Melaka!

  1. Ha? You are a Hainanese too? I am a lousy one. Till this day still have not cook Hainanese Chicken Rice. I just ta-pau for husband (his fav.)

  2. You are scaring people from my hometown.!! Okay at least me for the safety of my friends and family =/
    Anyway, enjoy your trip in Malacca.

  3. *cabut*……. I am down with fever too today. Call me when you are here lah. See health improve or not. *sniff*

  4. Go stuff him first. It’s good to rid his bowel. Lessen the toxic load in his system. At home got chlorophyll? If not, next time go buy a bottle or two and keep in the fridge. Mix a teaspoon to plain water and drink a few cups everyday. Brings the heat down (especially liver) and help replenish red blood cells. Boost oxygen level. Anti-bacterial agent. Get the alfalfa type. If not, mulberry also good. Peppermint added ones will make it more palatable for children. Cooling mah.

  5. I thought the news reported wrongly when I read a storm will be hitting seven states in the country but Malacca was not one of them.

    Mana tau…

  6. I get those sorts of visions when I have a high fever too. Like I’m a tiny person (Honey I Shrunk The Kids type) and there are lots of giant balls around me, just waiting to crush me to death. Weird!

  7. I think it’s the dialet that makes people think Hainanese are fierce. My ex was one, I don’t know what the heck his family was talking about, but all sounds harsh to me, like cursing each other when they talk. Of coz, they talk quite loudly too.

  8. shoppingmum – Hahaha, yayaya, the dialect is very kerng but too bad none of us know how to speak.

    moby – Ya, but it only happens when I was young, now no more such feelings anymore. Don’t know why.

    RyeUrn – Scary hor, I got prediction wan.

    tehsee – hehehe

    samm – Wah, lu terror hor? So organic.

    terence – Sure sure

    mrberhng – Now got cyclone pulak, really the wearther has gone crazy

    decypher – You got nowhere to hide ‘cos every where also got cyclone and typhoon and flood.

    agnes – sukinang!

    wingz – Heh, you jaga your backside.

  9. Hope your son will get well soon.Tong Tong Chiang leh lor. Sometimes,I were so sick that I will feel there are so many stars turning around up my head. Take him to the doctor and get superdose medicine lor. Hehehe…………Get Well Soon, Young Man!

  10. Inflamed Tonsils? I suffer from that also, irritating, been meaning to take it out, but am always finding excuses not to, (the taught of being under the gas and the scapel eugh!!) but its really irritating as I have to watch what I eat, making sure its not to Hot or else I’ll burn the tonsils and I’ll have to take a few days to recover from it and the fever.

    Usually would pop antibiotics and fisherman friend’s when I feel it coming…and also suck on ice

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