Penangites – Get your instant noodles and canned foods ready!!!!

I woke up feeling much better and so is my kid. So, we are all ready to travel. But wait a minute, what did the papers say? There is a cyclone hitting Penang. Where I stay, it means massive floods!

Remember our car that was swimming in the water just after one freak, heavy rain? What will happen this time? Sure tenggelam lah. But never mind, my niece wedding is more important. It is the only rare occassions we, the Chan’s family, the Hainanese Typhoon Association will gather. So, off the Melaka we go tomorrow morning.

We will go park the company’s car somewhere on higher grounds and stop worrying. After all, it is insured against floods and storms. All my kids are going with us. None left behind. We live on the 3rd floor of the apartment. So, no worries. Who knows, Penang may also tenggelam terus! Come back on Monday, the island also boliao, how?

So, folks, do go and stock up on some instant noodles, kari ayam Yeo’s, kari sotong Rex, sardines Yeo’s, bake beans Yeo’s, China Peral River Bridge black beans preserved fish, Maling luncheon meat, corn beef, adoii…I am hungry just thinking about these yummy, canned foods.

Faster-faster, what are you doing reading this? Brace yourself for some shit. The sky here today is all white. Only white sky, no sun shining through, no blue skies. Chunk of white skies indicate lots of water gathering. Chup, wait till I get out of Penang tomorrow before the cyclone hit, ok?

I got many stuffs to do but the stupid net is so slow, I can go take a nap before the next page loads.

10 thoughts on “Penangites – Get your instant noodles and canned foods ready!!!!

  1. Hey Lilian, is it safe to announce to the world tht ur dwelling will be unoccupied for a certain duration?? Penang is not so safe now. Judging from ur prev pics, I m in ur neighbourhood !! I dun have to learn to swim, coz my fat will keep me afloat with ease !
    Bryan sure would b happy surfing on some floating tyres. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  2. david – Thiefs come in oso can come help me fold laundry and sweep floor lor. Hehehe, no lah, I got no gold chicken at home.

    Bryan – Dun play play wei, if really flood time, no water to pangsai, seh ka’chng, no electricity to run modem. Chialat lor. I think water supply also cut off once no electricity for those living in high rise apartments.

  3. ***whisper whisper
    aunty aunty, our plann working edy, u stir up the cyclone pot, while i go stir the petrol pot ya …

    wakkakakkakaka jadi kaya beb … hahahaha

  4. earl-ku – Real or not, my atm is on the way to the petrol station now. After that, he is going for a meeting in church and I bet he is going to tell them about the price increase. After that, all the priests also go pump petrol. You die liao, spreading half-truth is a sin. Kehkehkehkeh.

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