Private hospital on disaster alert in Penang!

Hehehe, just want to drum up some kiasi-ism regarding the cyclone prediction.

I went to a private hospital in Green Lane just now. I was told that they have been directed by the Penang State Health Department to get ready a ward to prepare for disaster. You see, the Penang General Hospital is right smack in the most flood-able area in Penang. Long time ago, like 20-30 years ago, there was a major flood and all the roads leading to the Penang GH were not accessible.

So, they have directed the private hospitals to be on standby in case of a major flood. I hope all those due to deliver baby will have their routes charted out and know where to find the nearest hospital to give birth hor?

It is too late for all of you to learn to swim. So go get yourself some old tyres and learn to float, ok? Ta ta.

Signing out..
5xmom who waits gleefully for cyclone
*weather is still gloomy and got drizzle only, bring on the storm*

2 thoughts on “Private hospital on disaster alert in Penang!

  1. LOL!!!

    Have been raining all day long here in UUM already. I heard from a junior that this state will be like Johor if it continues to rain non-stop for a few more days.

    *Rubbing palms together, grinning evilly*

  2. If all Penangties put 1 cubic meter tank inside their home to collect rain water, there will be no flood. But everyone are too lazy and rely on silver bullet from gahmen.

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