Chicken rice ball & a little room at the top of the stairs


The prettiest, little hotel that costs us RM300 per night but worth it ‘cos it holds hundreds of years of history here. A kind of place for uncles in their 60s to secretly meet his old flame. Of course, the room is a family suite so that’s why it costs a bit more.


We went to this chicken rice ball shop to eat only one plate of roasted pork rice. My eyes said it is A Famous Chicken Rice Ball but after finished it, only realised it is A’ Famosa. Adoi. Nothing great, very oily. But kids were hungry so we try. Where is the best place for chicken rice ball liao? And please tell where is the nicest cendol? Had tasted two and they weren’t nice.


Say ahhhh…ummmm.

8 thoughts on “Chicken rice ball & a little room at the top of the stairs

  1. Why go A Famosa Chicken rice when you have other two to choose from? There’s another shop beside the bank. Go there. Their rice ball is the real deal.

  2. Tried the chicken rice balls when i was in malacca too. Yeah, the special thing it’s different from the normal chicken rice is the rice ball. That’s it. For me, nothing special about the taste though. Agree, too oily…

  3. there are two place to eat cendol. One would be at a small stall opposite Stadhuys, you can see a windmill and the stall is somewhere beside the river. Oh yes the stall is a in fruit shape so its pretty easy to spot. Another one is a little tricky but it’s near to Hotel Puri. If you know how to walk to Taman Kota Laksamana, take the small lorong that leads you to the housing area. From there turn to your left, if you saw lots of people standing in front of the shop then that’s the place.

  4. Don’t forget the Capitol celup, they open till midnight, I dunno the road name, but it is near red house area..and in the afternoon opposite the Capitol celup shop there is a ginger tau fu fa…

  5. There are two chicken rice shops near the OCBC Bank at the far end of Jonker Street. One is Chung Wah and the other is Hoe Kee. Both are recommended and have been around for more than 40 years.

    You can walk from your hotel to Jonker Street and look for the stall Kedai Antique 88. They are one of the best chendol shop around. Another one is walking distance from your hotel. Ask them for Donald’s and look for it. You need to walk against the traffic until you see a T-junction and turn right. Walk along the lane and the stall is on your left.

    Satay celup, go look out for Ong Kim Wee’s Ban Lee Hiang or Bukit Cina’s Capitol Satay Celup. To go Ong Kim Wee from your place is relatively easy as well.

    Anyway, that’s all I can help. I saw you coming down from your MPV on Sunday afternoon. 🙂 I was at a nearby cafe.

  6. Agree with Jason’s recommendation. The two chicken rice shops are the more popular( as in for tourist). The one I visit would be somewhere in Batu Berendam (A bit far for you guys).

    As for satay celup, Ban Lee Hiang is a must, but make sure you enter the right shop as there’s I think 2 or 3 satay celup shops there side by side.

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