Girls, if you are not old enough, don’t ever open your legs, ok?

Ok, I am going to leave you kepoh-chees with something that demands your opinions. Don’t forget to leave your 2 cents, ok?

So, what I want to say is – If a girl is not old enough, don’t be stupid to go and open your legs for a guy. No matter how much he said he love lah, you are the only one for him forever and ever lah, that without you, he cannot live lah, you are his breath and his life lah, all those are bullshits one, ok? These pundeks will change one day.

But first, he will errrmmm…de-flower you. Then, skali, he made you pregnant. After that, you think it is so nice to make house, cook masak-masak, have lil babies. That is when you are 17 years old, no education, no job, poor parents. But you enjoyed having a lavish wedding, show off to all the villagers that you are so clever to marry a handsome man.

Fast forward, fours years later, with two kids, one a retard, you realised that guy whom you thought is your hero, turned out to be a rat. He steal from your parents, he doesn’t want to work because he is too lazy, he got a biatch for a mom, he doesn’t care about your kids, doesn’t want a divorce because he can’t afford a lawyer and got himself another bimbo, brainless, blind, stupid girl who adored him.

So, you go to a certain relative. Ask for her opinion. She said :
Go find a lawyer, this is his number.

Leave the kids to the guy, let him tanggung them forever. This way, next time when you want to remarry, you have less baggage. And *wicked grins* who will want a jackass like your ex-husband who have two kids he kena tanggung. *evil grins* He is going to suffer, man.

Demand vistation rights. (blardy hell, you are going to leave the kids here and head for overseas to work anyway, so what custody you want somemore?)

Lastly, stop saying you love the kids. The law demands black & white documents. He has no job, you have job. If your parents had made a police report against him for the theft earlier, you can now nail him down flat now. You can have the kids all to yourself. Right now, if his stupid parents want to fight with you for the kids, you are still at the losing end. They can say that you have not taken care of the kids, if you are going to fly off to another country to jump aeroplane. So, saying you love your kids is not enough. No one is going to be impressed, especially the court. Love goes beyond words. Love means lot of sacrifice, from their births. Love means not leaving them at all. Love means you forego all your teenage/younger times indulgences for the sake of the kids. Love means sticking with the kids through thick and thin. Love means staying up to take care of them when they are in the hospital. Not going off alone to another country with the reason that you are going to earn money to finance their education next time.

So, conclusion – Girls, don’t ever be so stupid to sleep with a guy simply because you think it will seal his love for you. Don’t ever give in to that few moments of lust because you may end up screwing your future, your kids future and caused untold hurts to your parents. And parents, for goodness sake, teach your kids some self-worth, some value and stop picking their shits after them! And for fark’s sake, stop whining that you should have asked your daughter to go for that abortions, one baby after another. Abortion is a crime, killing an unborn baby that your kid gatal-ly conceived to clean their shit is sinful.

Niamah, naik api only. This CCB internet was so slow, I missed spending my time writing paid posts because I can’t be fast enough to grab the USD15 opp. Now, I got into ranting mood liao. Let’s hear what you may want to suggest if say, the situation is put to you?

1) Tell the girl to leave the kids (since she is leaving physically anyway) and let the rat to tanggung their guardianship?

2) Tell the girl to claim the kids ‘cos she is working but he is not. Moreoever, he and his biatch of a mother only want their male heir and not the other baby who is a girl. Anyway, the baby girl will be arranged to stay with a permanent babysitter when the mom left for overseas and the baby boy will be taken care by either grandma. That boy is a special needs kid who need constant care or else chialat wan.

3) Tell the whole world don’t have sex at all because having kids is not good for morons.

4) Tell 5xmom to sell sex toys because if point (3) is adopted, it will earn her more than USD12K per month?

Anyway, I expect to get online in Melaka. If not, tata until I catch you all on Monday!

14 thoughts on “Girls, if you are not old enough, don’t ever open your legs, ok?

  1. What you said is very true. Whatever those sui kong said is not true 1 la. Ppl will change one day also. I’m a 16 yrs old girl and I had 2 friends who already had a baby. You see,chialat bo? 16 yrs old already become a mother while others are studying happily and hv a good nite sleep at nite. Some girls are really siao 1. Dunwan study go become full time mother. Aih~ As for the kids,I think the boy shud be taken care by the maternal grandma since you wont know what the biatch paternal grandma’s gonna do to the boy. Plus,if that loser married the stupid bimbo mistress,that boy reli suffer la. That kind of sui kong really dont deserve to see his kid at all. Nah,I finished my 2 cents already. ^^. Anyway,is this somehow related to you,auntie?

  2. errr…practice safe sex? use a condom? ^.^

    not that it can totally prevent pregnancies but at least u have a fairly good chance of not conceiving. But telling that when rice oredi become porridge is useless i guess. There isn’t much that can be done about child custody when the mother is going overseas and thus could not be there physically for the child. Therefore custody will belong to the father unless the court analyses his situation and deems him unsuitable for child custody.

  3. To all young girls in love, I say open your legs as much as you want to, but make sure you are well protected. If it’s not on, it’s not on.

    Enjoy yourself as much as you want to but I would very strongly advise a young girl to never commit to any man until she has finsished university and well settled in her professional career. Not because young guys are lying jerks who only want to get into your pants. Not because you may get preganant and end up throwing you life away. But because your expectations and taste WILL change with age and maturity and through no one’s fault, the man you chose at a young age may not be the right one for you.

    As for custody battles, may the parent who best offers the best upbringing and future for the kids win. The only consideration is the children’s welfare. In this regard, it would not be in the children’s interest to denounce your husband or launch acrimonious law suits. In the intest of the kids, keep your hatred to yourself and try to work together to reach a sensible decision.

  4. I have to agree with Nicholas. I feel that it’s no point telling the kids now-a-days not to do it. They will probably go and do it anyway. I think the best way is to educate them on what might happen and how to stop that from happening.

    However, I also feel that teaching the kids to say “NO!” is very important.

  5. The girl has 2 options,
    1) Leave the kids to the faineant and have a new life.
    2) Fight a costly custody battle, keep the kids, b a good mother and give them a fair chance in life. With the extra baggage, I don’t see how the girl could re-marry.
    The 2 choices r quite simple, kids’ future vs girl’s future. It is a tough decision for a mother. Personally, I prefer option 1.

  6. You are very rite Lilian. Nowadays youngster, don’t know what they want and don’t even know what they are thinking about. Sendiri also got to be tanggung by parents how about the wife and the baby.
    For me, I think better take up the kids and take good care of them. Kids are innocents. What do they know? All this is a cause made by the 2 celaka fellow. Don’t blame the man also. If the girl not gatal, nothing can be done too. Therefore, the lady also got to take up some responsible. If you think the man cannot afford to take care the kids, never leave them with him and the mother will just walk away to start off a brand new life. Take up some free time to visit some kids that are left behind by parents which are due to this case. How pity are they. Leave without love from parents. Put ourselves in their shoes. What’s wrong that the kids done to deserve this from the adults. It was the 2 f@#*ing adult that causes all this leh. Please don’t be a selfish parent!!!

  7. Condom condom condom! If not, just say VIRGINS are cool, and stop touching me!
    But hey, not only 17 years old girl kena con like this, even 25 years old also got pregnant and married and then complaint about husband not loving enough. It has nothing to do with age, but safe sex education. And hey, they taught safe sex at school right? Or parents teach lah…
    For the girl you’re talking about: Leave that jerk!

  8. Option 1 is pretty obvious.

    All this is not taught in school. Most parent think their children will find out the sex and family life “eventually”. But their daughter will end up pregnant, married too young and get into messy affair.

    IMHO. The girl just too young to get married and waste the golden opportunity to learn to become independent. She should use 5-6 years time to learn some skill to sustain herself, then only talk about guardianship. Forget about those Hong Kong soap opera about guardianship. The reality is cruel : if one cannot take care themself, they can never take care others.

    No no to option 4. Moo_t still want to “kow” girls ok.

  9. I’m agree to David’s suggestion, i vote for the kid’s future. It is a tough choice, however, personally i do not wish to see another 2 kids who might end up going through the same path as their parents. Whatever happened to the parents has became a fact, but what’s going to happen to the kids still uncertain. Given the right education and guidance, they might a bright future.
    Feel kinda sad to read this post. Another broken family. We sometimes care for nothing else but our own excitement and joy. We tend to forget the consequences might be costly.

  10. Agree with Caprice about the change of taste thingy. Very true indeed.

    I beg to differ in this open leg as much as you want thing. I might be open to anything except this one. For the sake of yourself and everyone who loves you especially your parents, just don’t open your legs at all. Shut them tight tight to save from all the trouble.

    Call me conservative but being brought up as a Catholic, I would just say preserve your purity till your wedding night. Open legs wide wide as much as you want is just another word for whore even though got protection – whore also same what.

    As for the final question, what’s been done is being done. Moo_t is right. The reality is cruel. Things are not as easy as it seems. Repent and bring the kid up properly lah. If dunno how, can ask Auntie Lilian or read her blog lor. But if the kids sesat then have to tanggung sendiri lor.

    Option 4 boleh pakai if i get 10% share…LOL!

  11. Stop morons from having sex because they will be the worst parents. So no offsprings from morons, hence, history won’t repeat itself.
    Also, use condoms.

  12. if the girl is anywhere below 21, don’t even mention condoms and protections la! a vagina that is still growing shudn’t be taking in any dicks, and that’s that!

  13. I disagree that a women with “baggage” aka a single mom will never remarry. My mom married the man I call “dad” when I was 8 years old. That’s simply a crazy thing to say. Granted, the dating pool might be smaller but finding “true” love is not lost simply because you have a child.

    And secondly, shame on the op for calling a beauatiful child a “retard”. For someone who talks about God you sure are judgmental and rude. It’s really none of your buisness. Learn how to spell, teach your OWN kids and leave everyone else alone.

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