Hailam hong in Melaka!

The Hainanese and Hockchew clans are converging in Melaka. Yay. Free wifi in the room. A family suite in the quaintest place. Right smack in Jonker Walk. Best best best.

Terence, we rendevous Sunday noon for tea here, ok?

Am going for sunset mass at the oldest Catholic church in Malaysia – St. Peter. Gotta run! Thousands of photos to snap. Portugese settlement for seafood. Durian cendol now. Ta ta.

4 thoughts on “Hailam hong in Melaka!

  1. I remember there is a cafe/shop at Jonker street which have very very good gula melaka ais kacang/cendol. Their gula melaka is said to be good grade. I tried abt 5-8 years ago. Melt in mouth sensation. Go and try it.

  2. auntie i Hailam Kia lai…haha nice blog you got here so nice……interesting contents too….i heard from Ah pEk u pro blogger lai……….

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