Wedding photos


Some wedding photos to update the families. šŸ˜› This is the bride and groom going into the ballroom in Hotel Legacy. Where service surpassed the taste of the foods. šŸ˜›

I returned from Melaka with a nastier flu then when I go. No taste buds, stuffed ears, runny nose, teary eyes, no voice, blek. So, if you ask me if I have eaten anything nice from Melaka, all I can tell you is – I can’t taste or smell a thing.


The bride. The ballroom is extremely dark and orangey so very hard to get the photos. But nevertheless, I took lots of them, usually when people are unaware. I don’t like posed photos.


I guess at my age, I am going to celebrate one niece or nephew’s wedding each year, from now on. Last year, exactly on this day, 8th Jan 2006, my eldest nephew (the elder brother of the bride) got married too. Happy 1st Anniversary to HM. Forgot to wish you this morning. Only remembered to wish Michelle yesterday evening.

9 thoughts on “Wedding photos

  1. Nice!!

    Like you said, natural poses look best. Cannot stand those ‘studio bridal pics.’ Damn artificial and very geelee. Especially those new ones where the 2 has to kiss…

    Some are heavily photoshoped and in the end, the bridegroom ended up like an Ah Kua or unrecognizable!

  2. Nice photos… How come u never adjusted the white balance??? It would have ‘cured’ the orangey look….
    I like the photo where the lovely couple walk in the ballroom…. NICE

  3. *kow tow* Sorry, sorry for the ffk. I was carried away by the Hainanese wind to Muar, Kluang, Batu Pahat. Piaseh, paiseh.

    Anyway, get an external flash and adjust white balance.

  4. ryeurn – Oh yes, she is next in line.

    terence – Dun wan fren u liao! *pouts* Hahaha, nvm, I was tied down the whole of Sunday and Monday early morning, we left already.

    shannon – I tried (the night b4 during the hair combing session) but the faces look too pale ‘cos you know lah, everyone got ICI.

    helen – Yayaya, I told my kids – Next time, before anything, tell all the girls and their maders, that we all don’t do this kinda thing, so make sure it is known first before you all got married. If not, wah piang, so much works (and $$$) wan.

    astrosurge – Too bad, all my nieces taken liao.

    pinkfrog – Yalor, it is the swan’s tail but looks like wings.

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