All these Air Asia hype..

Sial betul. The stupid line keep getting cut off and my posts on PPP all cannot submit. Niamah, wasted my time only. And now, don’t what bug in the system, all done accordingly, I kena red letters that my domain is not in the list. Tius. I am not going to post until I less tulan.

So, last night, both hubby and I decided that we have enough of in-laws, out-laws and were thinking of cabut-ing out of the country or at least state during Chinese New Year. I tell you lah, if you have met with out-laws that tell you her daughter is too busy to see a divorce lawyer and asked if the lawyer can prepare all the necessary documentations for her, you will feel that way too. Niasing, feel like asking her, she got too busy to screw or not? See lawyer no free, think my husband so free to arrange all that for you ah? CCB.

Somemore, that day I no rant only. I sindiri oso sakit, my kid oso sakit. So, two of us went to see his doctor. Come back, my head already splitting with headache and he pulak need rest for his fever, what do I found waiting for me at my house? A couple of IBS sitting in my living room, checking out the mess in my house… Lanjiao betul. Last time, the anak kahwin time, she dare not invite me to the wedding ‘cos she said my own anak baru died (few weeks earlier) and I manyak suey so she cannot risk inviting me to bring bad luck to her precious daughter’s wedding. Funeral also she dare not attend ‘cos she sked bad luck for her. Now, want divorce, come cari saya. What for lah. You so full of good luck, good fengshui, now go enjoy your good luck lah. KNN. Limpeh still dem beh song with the fact that inspite of all those times she avoided getting near me after my son died, she still have to come and find me to get consultations on how to divorce. And you know what? There is nothing worse than mothers who think their own lazy, irresponsible, immature, rude, moronic kids are angels and saints.

Back to Air Asia….so, I check out a flight to Kota Kinabalu during CNY. Cilaka, the tax alone is going to cost 1/3 of the fares. RM400 x 2 ways = RM800. Forget it lah, I am not going to fly like that. Somemore the flight from KK back to PG, is at 6.30 am. And from Penang, there isn’t many places that we could fly too. So, now, tell me where I can run and hide during CNY?

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  1. Aiya…if you book much, much earlier it’s very cheap one. My BIL flies back to Kuching 3-4 times a year on RM9.90 tickets. Since so near Feb already, how about good ole KL? Sure quiet one, some more got direct flight from Penang šŸ˜‰

  2. Ya..KL is the best….Better to drive cause everyone is getting out from KL during CNY..Book a hotel….go swimming, gym or go for a spa package….Then when everyine is come back to KL, you and hubby baru balik…
    Sure you want to let KK a miss? I just came back from KK’s beach…maybe the photo will change your mind.

  3. Come to Perth. Nice scenery…quiet and slow. You can walk along Swan River, or cruise around. Go to Margaret River to enjoy wine and the beautiful scene. Visit Fremantle for the wonderful beaches. Too bad i’ll be back to pg for CNY, or else i dont mind to be your tour guide. šŸ™‚

  4. Ipoh… ipoh…. ipoh…. ipoh…. I truly sorry to hear dat u so sick liddat still gotta ying-chau those knn IBS. Tius lah, to them. WTF, want lawyer, go kautim themselves lah. Y go bother othr ppl, eh.

  5. samm – they are not called IBS for nothing mah…tius, talk only naik api liao

    terence – Ptuui…like we all never sit roller coaster likedat hor? Queue for hours to take a ride on that eye. Memang sua-pah-kau hor?

    tehsee – Dunwan lah, I am thinking of Bali but dun fancy temples wor.

    kitty – I beh shiok that the airport tax takes up 2/3 of the whole amount I am paying. So suck blood oni. But I really, really want to go to KK lor.

  6. eeeeeeeeeeekkk!! reading abt ur IBS oso make me poo-huei!! just ask the CCB to farkoff!

  7. Bali has a lot to offer beside the temple….there are volcano,terrace padi fields, handicraft,food, Bali’s unique buidling structure, famous Nusa Dua beaches and the friendly Bali people and their culture.

    Bali is a great place for couple. *wink wink*…

  8. Ken – Been there before. Quite boring, after a while leh.

    tehsee – But I where can find couple time lah…

    sooi2 – Like an ingrown toe-nail, cannot get rid, have to bear with it. šŸ™‚

  9. eh…IBS?? International Bank of Scotland ah???

    Bali…..nice..but …gonna risk it? lot of extra high power fireworks

  10. Dear Lilian… I so salute you! Learnt so many ‘good’ words from you la… Tell you something… but don’t be angry ar.. When I first read your blog, I thought, ‘Wah, this auntie so ‘keng’ one! Scared of her, man!’ Now, huh! Everyday must check your blog… so addictive! Keep it comin’!

  11. terence – I know lah, it is just a blardy ferris wheel and the paper made it like it is so awesome like that. Said people queue up for hours just to ride it. Kannineh, I rode roller coaster before mah, also no big deal wor. So, see them brag about a ferris wheel so sampat only. Oi, I seriously want to go Melaka to eat ayam buah keluak. Or you freeze and courier for me, can ah?

    ront – Irritable Bowel Syndrome or what you get from the ‘all-inclusive’ package when you said I do. Nay…those siblings that become yours, as well?

  12. Come my place lah. Fireworks here during CNY is better than New Year wan. But if u say Kuching is boring then my place lagi teruk lor…Hahaha!

    *I oso wanna go KK!

  13. Just came back from Sabah last week..enjoyed myself there..planning to do a second trip this may 2007

    if you change ur mind do check these websites

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