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This is so exciting! The first meme of the year. To those who scoff at meme, I must tell you a secret. It is a great way to get links and getting links mean getting higher up on the search engines.

The meme is from fellow PPP’s postie, Marissa. She tagged me in this meme call Top Five movies along with Brian and Dan.

I have very bad memories so I can’t recall the top of the top except what comes to mind right now.

1) Pirates of the Caribbean II

It was quite recent and I must say that it is one of those movies that had me in stitches plus it keeps me in suspense. Plus whatever movie that doesn’t make my kids whine to get out of the cinema is a good movie for me. I just love Johnny Depp and his crazed look. There is something sinister yet so alluring about this man.

2) Killing Fields

I can never, ever forget the scene where the Vietnamese guy stumbled into a puddle filled with skulls. The agony of watching the sufferings of the Vietnamese during the Khmer Rouge is something that opened up my young and innocent mind back then. I can’t remember how old I was when I watched it in the cinema with some unforgettable boyfriend. I think I was only 18 years old or something like that. Back then, when you are a teenager, you think life is all rosy until you realised how people suffer in other countries. Vietnam being so close to us, made me sort of connect with the characters.

3) Indiana Jones
Another humour and suspense movie. I like the chemistry of the father and son, between Harrison Ford and Sean Connery. Seriously, I can’t remember which movie is which so I am referring to the whole lot including Jewel of the Nile. I like crazy couples like that. Back then, the special effects is so very teh awesome!

4) Silence of the Lamb

The suspense, the calculated moves, the mental look….They are all so very different from the movies I have watched. Jodie Foster played some very great movies and I usually do not quite like her for her thin lips. Hehehe, but I love it in this movie.

5) Pretty Woman
An all time favourite because it empowers! Oh well, it gives self-worth to me back then when I was in my 20s. If Julia Roberts as a part-time prostitute has so much dignity and know how to get herself a good deal, what more, us? So, being young and all, I make sure that I don’t short-changed myself. Plus the songs are all so good, like that ‘It must be love, but its over now…’. Who can forget the part when Richard Gere arrived in his limo, climbed up the fire escape with the umbrella. Awww…so romantic.

I want to add two more – Face Off and The Rock. I love, love, love John Travolta and Nicholas Cage roles changing. And The Rock too. my mind is working and there are so many movies worth mentioning but I shall stop here.

Now, I shall tag three more persons – Menj, Costa (ahem) and Mr. Dick. (so I can learn about p0rn movies titles)

9 thoughts on “Meme – Top five movies

  1. Dear Auntie Lillian, just want to let you know Killing Fields is about Cambodia, not Vietnam… šŸ™‚ Please don’t fray me,its my first time posting a comment..

    Pretty Woman is one of favorites too! šŸ˜€

  2. shortie – Shh…you don\’t tell, I don\’t tell, maybe no one notices. Hehehe. pai uu loong liao.

    earl – mesti marah…

    scorpy01 – These are some of those memorable movies, right?

  3. did you hear abt the upcoming new Indiana Jones with lead being Harrison Ford again??????? 64 years old…wonder how he’s gonna do those stunts….

    as for Killing Field…did you read abt what happened to the lead Haing S Ngor (might have mispelt his name)?

  4. Hi,
    Nice meme post. Stumbled upon your blog via a link on another blogger participating in this meme. See, just like what you said… memes are superb link provider. Hence, I linked this post of yours in my Top 5 Movie meme too šŸ˜‰

    Oh yeah, I have even blogrolled you on my site.

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