Min. of Education blackmailling parents

Boleh pigi mati lah. Why should we provide the schools with our income tax, photocopy of the parents IC, photocopy of the pay slip for some crummy textbooks aids? If the Min. of Education is sincere in helping all students, then, do away with this selection of students for book loans. After all, how much is it to sponsor all students with textbooks compared to the value of the education they received? Just stop building more white elephants and it is enough to bear the costs of providing free books for students for decades already. As it is, the books are recycled each year so we don’t need to buy new books every year.


Well, it is as simple as a one question thing. If we want to get free books, then, prove. If we don’t want, then, there is nothing to fill. But nooooo….read what they said if we refused to cooperate :


menjejaskan hal ehwal murid

Naik api only, what menjejaskan hal ehwal murid? Want to threaten me, issit? Go fly kite lah, we are not going to provide a single thing to the Ministry of Education because in the first place, we never apply for free books. Secondly, we never trust those people who handles our private info. Thirdly, we bet our heads that these information will be sold to some third parties. Fourthly, it is bullshit that the Min. of Education need such details just to approve a miserable RM100+ book loan.

Hello, Minister of Education. Tolong modernise sikitlah. When I was in in Standard Three, like 30 years ago, you all already asked for such info. But that time, I got no choice ‘cos I memang golongon termiskin and had no father. So, my mom had to minta tolong from the penghulu of my kampung just so that I can borrow textbooks. Ini tahun 2007. Kita dah ada IT. Dah modern. Buku tu cuma RM100. Keep the money for yourself lah. Manatau, nak beli pengilap for keris kan?

Save the application. Save your staff’s time. Just give everyone free textbooks and make schooling compulsory. Easy as that. And stop demanding students to buy so many workbooks and non-useful CD Roms. Our Education department already fraught with so many loopholes and weaknesses, what more can we expect from the whole Government, huh?

19 thoughts on “Min. of Education blackmailling parents

  1. Wah lan eh …. loan textbooks also must read long grandfather story, macam legal document liddat!

    I think all schools should do away with textbooks. Makes the kids’ bags so heavy!

  2. you really hit the nail right on the head. i, for the life of me, could not see the relevance of submitting payslips/ J forms to the school to improve students’ welfare, esp. to those who don’t intend, or don’t qualify, to apply for book loans. is there a secret agenda?

    this is the 2nd year i, as a parent, have received these forms, & for the 2nd time, i did not submit any payslips when the forms were returned. i await the kementerian’s retribution.

  3. erm…i didnt fill up dat form when i was in school (folded into paper plane which landed in the jungle behind my school)…which was about 2 years back..ntg happen to my hal ehwal oso XD

    btw i tink it means that only students who require aid and do not fill in the form properly will affect the efficiency of the school student’s affairs management. why else will they need dokumen sokongan? XD

    man, the government should hire me to make an english version 😛

  4. Is that happening only in Penang or what? I got no such nonsense here. For tha last 2 or 3 years she gets all her books automaticlly. No need to fill forms anymore. But that’s books lah, not loans to buy books.

  5. I naik api also. What happens to those 70Millions UNUSABLE computer labs? Those money enough to supply free books to all primary school.

    BTW, is this form something new? WTF the MoE trying to do with the information? So they can find out “rich” parents and extort them?

  6. This already happened back when I was at school. I didn’t fill up the forms too. I used the blank space behind the papers to do maths. Ended up in tong sampah also. Nothing happened to my hal ehwal pun. Now oso in local uni liao.

    Back at school, there are some bloody rich classmates whose parents hand in fake payslip of less than RM500 just to get the books loan. And yet they drove Merc to send their kids to school leh. End up most of the other Bumiputera (Iban, Melanau, Bidayuh, etc) students who were obviously pelajar termiskin didn’t get the books loan, worse some stopped school because some farking teachers demanded them to have the textbooks. You say the blardy garmen is farking who leh…

  7. atcherly in my kid’s skool, the requirement is your household income less than RM1k. how to qualify ler? I’m sure they have more books allocated than that.

  8. This thing not only happen in Penang leh. Happen also during my years of study when I were in Kulim and Taiping – abt 15 years back. They will give a clause that below 1k, you can loan the books and above 1k is ‘sek chee kei’. But they never include the number of kids in the family and the cost where our parents have to bear. What the fack the know??? Talk about workbook – another that I just hate it. Not sure still happen now or not but during my time. Aiyoh……. we will have Buku Latihan Math 1, 2 and 3. English Workbook 1, 2 and 3 so do for Bahasa, Science. Lately, I were talking to one of the old teacher, very sad nowadays that teachers that teaches English – the blind lead the blind. Cikgu bodoh and no wonder more bodoh fellows are created by them lor. Opps!!! Buku punya pasai, I story until cikgu punya pasai pulak.

  9. I have been getting these forms for the last few years liao but always cross out the salary/tax part. One year my son’s teacher insisted I fill the amount. I told her to “sue me..I don’t need your books”.

  10. eh…with the head of MoE like that fella brandishing the little crooked dagger..what can you expect?….tak apa-lah…..

  11. Hah, this kind of problem still exist. No improvement since I left school, 13 years back. Very sadleh. Look like I am going to face all the problems again when my bb starts school, in 5 years time. Sad.

  12. That’s crazy. Thank god that schools are totally free here in the UK. The thought I have to face all this when I get back really makes me go uuuggh.

  13. Adam – Good for you! Don’t come back at all lah. Hehehe.

    PeiSze – Stupid right, there are like 6 pages of forms to fill. I think it saves the Govt. more to cut down the admin work by just giving to every student. Think of the amount of work needed to sieve through all the applications?

    terence – ……………………

    ront – Every single one of the previous ones also never do anything to it.

    Jen – Hahaha, padan muka to the school.

    Erina – Nowadays, print all the rubbish books in an effort to reduce school bags weight. Instead of one book, now they have several which make the costs escalates. Why can’t they just build school lockers, right?

    simon – Yalor, chisin wan, RM1K, sapu lantai oso earn that much lor.

    clare – The poor remains poor, the rich get richer. My ex-boss got 6 figure salary oso fake his own salary slip. Hehehe. But that’s to please the school by submitting something.

  14. birds – Look at the manner how they phrase it, so patronising, making those poor parents scared only.

    moo_t – The kids are paying more and more in their annual school fees for rubbish. Got one computer class RM10 per month, my hubby said ask them go fly kite, he is not paying. Hehehe.

    ahpek – Wuah, how you qualify for free books ah? Maybe because the school is not a sekolah kebangasaan but those chiristian missionary, half-bantuan school.

    nicholas – Crazy lah, income tax and pay slip are such private documents, where can simply give wan. Even my kids also dunno how much my hubby earns lah. Later kena kidnap mah sei.

    doc – I really wonder how they store all these private documents in the school. I am sure many people would like to break into the school and get hold of them. I hope parents aren’t so straightforward to submit them.

    moby – What…they have extra workbooks that are more expensive, heavier than textbooks. Talk only angry lah, school lockers also never can invest.

  15. Lilian, locker is a good idea but apa mau buat? Talking to this type of ppl is no used one lar. I and Lawrence were talking about having locker in school when we saw this little fellow carrying his school bag. I think the bag lagi heavy than him. Soon he is going to be bengkok liau.

  16. aiyah we only have ourselves to blame…every 5 years we choose the mongoloids to do what they want to do and not what we want them to do.

    The irony is we have been complaining, shouting and yelling since the world was created and at the next election, we choose these people again to screw us.

  17. did you know that if you tell them your income, they will publish your income alongside whether your childs application for ‘buku pinjaman’ is successful or not on the school buletin board! I was so shocked to see this!

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