Crazy stuffs they do at weddings

Oh boy, if you are thinking of getting married, you better be prepared for some fear factor actions. More so if you are from the groom’s side. During my nephew’s wedding last year, the best man had to has his furry, hairy legs waxed! Ouch!

This time, my nephew’s wife master-minded the torture processes for my niece’s wedding. And she is mighty good in all these, like a veteran slave driver eventhough she was just married exactly a year ago only. 🙂


Melaka is famous for cincalok and what better way to welcome guests than to serve them stinky, gooey, rotten shrimps? Ewws…I think they didn’t mete out the torture due to lack of time.


Look what’s coming? Milk bottles! They stripped the best man off his suit and put on this 42 inches pink bra! OMG!


And the poor groom gotta suck nen-nen from the best man. LOL. Breastfeeding moms, now you know how to trick your baby’s to nurse.


The rest of the groom’s entourage had to finish off a can of sweetened condensed milk which will probably gives them diabetic soon.

So, after watching all the above, are you still man enough to get married?

13 thoughts on “Crazy stuffs they do at weddings

  1. Personally, would run off to some island and get married there. If the guest wants to come..sure, come along, pay for your own airfare lah..and no I am not having a reception in Kch…

    Find it kindda useless to have a huge wedding where half of the guest are your parent’s friends where you don’t even know who they are, so wouldn’t it make far more sense to fly off somewhere, get married, and have your honeymoon right after the wedding luncheon and you can easily forgo the wedding dinners and the torture of the “yam seng” and such with total strangers…

  2. Kamikaze only mah……

    8 years old son ask his father, “Is wedding expensive?”
    Father scratch his head, “Indeed. I’m still paying for it.”


  3. I drank some concoction of drinks, had some wasabi and sang a song. But before they let me in, i gave away 10% of my bank account for toll.

    All the ‘chee muis’ will reincarnate to become men in their next life. *hahahahaha!* Celaka!

  4. that’s something new. I saw in another wedding, the were asked to roll boiled eggs from the top of the inside trousers..until it reaches the leg and were forced to eat the eggs after that…dunno whether got “fatt choi” sticking to the eggs or not. hiaks!

  5. wah…too much ah lidat..those acts small kids cannot see la…aksi aksi persoak minda u noe…

    eh, my turn nxt year…habis lah!
    *cursing cursing*

  6. astrosurge – Like this, I must start a site ‘How to torture the groom and demand (insert currency like USD, British pounds) 9,999 in angpows.’ Sure your gf and gbyeow’s gf like to follow wan.

    gbyeow – Too late, most girls already learnt from Astro Wah Lai Toi.

    Ah Pek – Haiyor, this one new trend they learnt from Hongkong lah. Must torture the groom and his gangs kau-kau baru he can go pick up his bride. Angpow must be 9,999.

    sasha – Hahaha, the egg turned green later. You mean they also peeled off the shell liao? Wuah, good idea lor. Make the egg hot and soft boil.

    terence – Hahaha, if not you think so easy to come and steal someone’s daughter away meh?

    moo_t – Like that, you don’t want to marry ah?

    QV – But if got lots of friends who are willing to join in the craze, it is really fun lah. Once a lifetime only mah.

    crappisista – Ya, it is very fun. Until the hotel staff’s face oso turned black liao ‘cos too noisy.

  7. i don quite like the idea of torturing… especially when the chimuis only do it to have fun seeing the groom and his friends fighting their way in. If do something moderate with some nice meaning in it, still acceptable loh…

    just use this as a chance to torture people because usually no chance or got bad experience earlier (sendiri kena torture?) then sure got bad omen later one you know 😀 kekekekke

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  9. I sang “Mary had a little lamb” when one of them shouted “Sing a song!” (didn’t give them any time to specify what song) and said I love her 10 times. Bribed the “Sang Keh Mmm” to tell them that we’re late to meet an auspicious time and nailed it perfect.

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