What!!! Who says my blog is not family-safe!?!?!?!


I got two posts rejected by PayPerPost because muahahahar…hear this…they said my blog did not meet the criteria of ‘family-safe’ blog. It was USD10 and USD8 bucks respectively. So, I just click ‘Delete post’ lor. Such flattering compliments wut. Anyway, I do not like to argue ‘cos there are plenty of other opps to take.

My blog where got not family safe ah? I no show any hairy-hairy stuffs here mah. Got meh?


But hor…I don’t know why the sihum (cockles) from Melaka got bulu-bulu wan lor. See only geli liao hor? Si beh kia si lang wei. Like what only.

16 thoughts on “What!!! Who says my blog is not family-safe!?!?!?!

  1. Got u got show hairy stuff…………….. like now mah hairy sihum lor!!!! hahahaha. Just kidding, ok? Aiyah! Sometimes people will have lots of excuse to say lots of things kah lar. How to control. Anyway, without them paying you, you still have alot of faithful readers mah.

  2. eeeek!! those sihum kena mutated ledi!!! but hor, the inside looks very familiar, I think I saw them somewhere off some pr0n sites ehh??? not sure..hmm…*cabut* oso.

  3. Wakakakakaka. What has sex got to do with relevance to parenting right. All the best with the other opportunities.

  4. wah lilian….patut la PPP rejek ur post…ur sihum pic..err…look soo….err…obscene? dun say me otak kuning la..but the sihum opening like…errm…err…u know lah..pink summore! adui!


  5. Ya these PPP advertisers are sometimes weird. I got those kinds of answers before too, and I did the same thing u did; delete them.

    and the cockles look very… obscene..

  6. No wonder , all my malaccan friends like Penang seahum lah…Because Penang seahum shave one ! They said that it’s taste much more better and fresh….

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