wOOt – Article in Singapore’s mag on my baby boys!

Thanks to Angie&Bart, they connect me with Sharon who wrote an article about moms with all boys and all girls. It is a Singapore parenting magazine call BABY, I think. In the January 2007 issue. Sharon has given me the .pdf pages which total 3MB. Colour photos, some more. So, if you want to read, you can download it here. (.pdf format) Who knows, you may learn some petua-petua on how to have baby boys only.

Talking about baby boys, the other night, my sister prepared a basket which contained the comb, thread and needles, hair pin and etc which symbolise her parting from her daughter. She is suppose to give the basket to her daughter as she is all grown-up now and leaving the home. So sad hor? That’s why I don’t have girls lor. I only masuk-masuk, no keluar-keluar. *evades rotten tomatoes*


So, you see, in that basket, there is one little doll of a boy. My older niece, nephew and I were asking what is that little doll doing there in the basket? Like voodoo, only right? We were told that it is meant for bring luck to have baby boys. Bwahahahaar…like that oso can? Aparah….I never follow any such rituals, I also hampalang get baby boys wor.

Anyway, after watching the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, I tell you lah, if you have daughter hor, memang rugi one. All the rituals were pointing towards ‘sending the daughter away’ like the umbrella the parents used to shelter the bride away etc etc. Fuwah, so sad wan. But then, of course, nowadays, we don’t think like that anymore.

The other night, I had a chance to sit down with the mother-in-law of my niece and said to her that she must be very relaxed now that all her three sons were married. (sei ler, when I become so patphor har?) Her reply touched me ‘cos she told me she felt like it is burden off her chest as she can now rest. I was like, (thinking to myself) oh my…that means you trust your son with my niece to jaga lah? Wow, that’s heavy responsibilities wor. I never realise we, wives got that sort of duties wor. Took over the babysitting duties from our mother-in-law. Hahaha.

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  1. Wei…. I also rugi what. Half my bank account went into the wedding ceremony leh. hahaha! *hope hailam typhoon don’t read your blog*

  2. Don’t ask stupid, irrelevant questions. You are wasting my time and my diskspace. Get lost, will you?

    terence – You die!

    Caprice – Hahaha, really?

  3. Is is really good having boys. Look at the Malaysian Universities – 80% of students are girls.

    I look around and also see that the people looking after their old parents are their daughters. What about sons? Well they are taking care of their in-laws.

  4. we’re in the same boat lah Lil … me got 4 boys 🙂 as a friend, also in the same boat say, yea kitalah the only PERMAISURI di rumah 🙂

  5. HEHEHE aunty, you just found out kah? Of course mother in laws view daughter in laws as the new babysitter for their son’s and if daughter in law do things badly, mother in law will come and lecture and lecture and become pat poh hahahahahaha

    In reply to ninuk’s comment, well, that’s true, daughter’s are usually the one who end up taking care of their parents while the son’s take care of their in-laws..eee..scary ah aunty….now all your son’s will take care of their respective inlaws and no one look after you..die loh…make sure that at least one of your son gets married, one becomes a priest (Also will not take care of you, as he will have to take care of everyone else, bt he will pray for you) and the rest…errr…..I think I better don’t say..or else aunty’s gonna sit on me or come with me with a parang for suggesting such things….but think more of something that goes well with pink 😛 hahahahha..

    die die..am waiting for the bomb to come from Aunty now

  6. I can imagine 5xmom will wear the T-shirt say,”No, I am not going to babysit your kid!”.

    Then 5xmom will taught her DIL how to blog/work at home to earn money(so they can take care of their own child). 🙂

  7. Ewww… I hate chinese wedding ceremony. Just sign and go enough lar… Totally don’t want any of those thing when I got married.

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