Johor floods again & thanks Kukujiao for the efforts

I just heard over the news on the radio that Kota Tinggi is badly flooded again since yesterday evening due to high tide and another bout of rain.  According to the Malay news, the water rose up to chest level and thousands have been evacuated.

This is a major catastrophe to all those people staying there and I hope help is given to them without any delay.  Being caught in a flood is very depressing and when it lasts for weeks like what happened there, it is even worse.  Sometime in the 70s, my sister’s house where I stayed was flooded and lots of things were spoilt, causing great losses.  But I cannot imagine the agonies and sufferings of the people in Johor because their flood is 10 times worst.

Well, Earl-ku aka kukujiao.com had experienced the Shah Alam’s flood and that’s why he has that desire to help the Johor’s flood victims.  It takes someone to be in that situation to empathise more than the rest of us.  I suppose that’s why this Earl-ku (BTW, Ku is his real surname) went out of his way to call us up to chip in to help the flood victims.  I must say that it is a bold step because it is not easy to garner support when it comes to money.  Normally, there will be more naysayers than supporters.  People will doubt and so on.

But what’s great is Earl-ku did manage  to collect over RM600 in the first round and he went to buy gas stoves, dried foods stuffs and other necessities to have these things delivered to Johor.  He has friends who are going there in convoys, some radio ham gang.  Hahaha, please read his blog to understand more.  And more money rolled in and he is getting more stuffs like baby diapers and etc to be delivered again to the Johor flood victims.

It is this small sincere efforts that moves mountain.  None of those all talk and all air politikus thingie.  I am rather pissed just now after I heard the news about the flood.  ‘Cos after the newscaster read the news about the flood, it was immediately followed by :  Menteri Pendidikan bla bla bla mengumumkan bahawa ….(the Min. of Education announced)  all the children who were affected by the flood   can delay paying their school fees.  WTF?!?!?!  What news is this?  For goodness sake, the school fees is only RM13 per primary school and RM24 per secondary school student throughout the country.  I know ‘cos that’s what I pay yearly.   I feel like telling the person who bragged about the generousity to shove the money up his errrmm…southern parts.  This is calling for attention, man.  WTF are they doing?  With all the millions in their piggy banks, they should make sure that none of the children from those schools affected by the flood need to buy school uniforms, books or  pay any fees.  How much does it cost to sponsor them all?  That is what I call generousity.   Otherwise, it is hypocrisy.

And Earl, if you want to do another shopping and sending project, tell me again.  I can dedicate my day’s earnings from PPP (hehehe) to contribute.   Hoi, dun pway-pway, I can earn up to USD100 per day if I want, you know?  (normally, I don’t max out my daily posts ‘cos I dun want to load my readers with too many boring posts)

6 thoughts on “Johor floods again & thanks Kukujiao for the efforts

  1. I feel sorry for people in Johor. Last week, I just blog and say flood will become normal events in Johor. Compare to the gigantic rive in China, the flood is 1000 times worst than Malaysia but the China government is alert and put army there to repair the river bank.

    Kota Tinggi flood is avoidable, but I bet the authority will wait the water recede than combating the floods. If the gahmen now spending RM300 on each Johor house to install a water catchment/tank to slow/trap immediate rain flowing into the river, it will reduce the risk of future flood.

  2. moo, prevention is better than cure rite?

    aunty, just finished updating everything … leaving later in the morning at 5AM … actually there is a convoy from Marts, leaving from AliBaba tonite, thats where the 13 4X4 is … but due to some conflict of interest as they are heading to a Malay Village, we here with 2 more 4X4 decided to head on to another place where there are some chinese being left out in the effort … its in Muar, not sure of the place’s name, will update wen i get back …

    there is also lots of story from those who has been down there before earlier this month and last month too, where they say food being passed to JPA(civil defense) and those village head did not manage to reach the “real” victims … they kept it for themselves …

    there is plan to be heading north after this … as its getting worsening there too …

    and its raining here in KL too …

  3. Lilian,

    Nothing wrong with your sponsored posts. You always make sure people know these are sponsored. Most of us would know to just skip the post and move on to the next.

    What I cannot tahan is bloggers who deliberately mislead people into thinking their paid posts are in fact personal posts, as though they discovered the super fantastic link by sheer coincidence.

  4. Wah lau eh! We are still handling claims from the 1st round of flood.

    Its really sad I tell you. The losses are high. Sentimental value items, appliances, almost every item damaged by water cannot be reused. And many households don’t even have insurance. Thats even worse for them.

    I am all for your day’s earning from PPP. I read every post of yours anyway.

  5. Lilian, I read your post everyday leh wether you gain money or not. It’s a pity to our friends down south. If anything, I can chip in to help – pls let me and lawrence know. Just share what we can. I prefer to work with ppl I know rather than just donate to the govenment lor. Ended up where the money go, no ones know. Just like Tsunami case.

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