Wedding photos on my Flickr account

To all the saudara-mara, cucu-cicit, adik-beradik sekalian…..

I have finally got off my lazy butt and compressed the wedding photos and uploaded to my Flickr album under Lay Kheng wedding. There are close to 200 photos and at the rate our internet is crawling, it will take you at least two hours to view them all. I believe you can’t download the photos ‘cos I had set it that way. Tell me if you want a CD, ok?

Here are two father/son, mother/daughter’s photos that I like. So same face only…


Dr. Goh and father Goh.


Sister and mother of the bride. They look so alike hor?


The most endearing look on the groom’s face.  Full concentration on the wife’s words.  Hehehe, I wonder if after 20-30 years of marriage, will a husband still have that kind of attention when the wife is talking?

Have a good weekend to all!  I am off to blog for the money.

7 thoughts on “Wedding photos on my Flickr account

  1. Whats the setting on the camera? Got external flash ah? Skin tones a bit out lah.

    Will visit your flickr when the lines are faster.

  2. terence – Cannot afford wor. The current flash is like a newborn baby’s kkc so small only. Hehehe. I am itching to buy a Nikon D80 ‘cos I can’t get any lenses for my Konica DSLR. The Sony Alpha’s lenses so kwai expensive, I want Tamron, no one makes. How much is D80 ah?

  3. Greats shots on Flickr. The furniture where the tea ceremony was held are just gorgeous. I guess the little bit of the nyonya blood from my mom side is still in me.

  4. I like the last one. Wife so manja and hubby showing how much attention given to what the wife trying to tell him. Wishing the new couple lots of happiness.

  5. Aiyoh Lilian, for the last pix, i think the more appropriate comment should be like ‘With the blessings from the 5Xmom – may they have endless beautiful moments like that in the future’ 🙂

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