How much have I made from PayPerPost?

Yeah, baby! I get to brag and blog all about it and get paid too. So, as you know PayPerPost has been on my lips almost everyday. It keeps me entertained late at night because that’s when all the money rolls out and waiting for picking.

PayPerPost is the latest, hottest and most rewarding ads programme for publishers, i.e. bloggers. It is also the smartest, most effective and workable [tag]search engine marketing[/tag] for advertisers. In case you do not know how the rules are played on the internet, search engines are like the fishermen’s net. They will trawl out all those big, fat fishes. In order for your site to grow to be big, fat fishes, you need people to link to you. Unless you are a social animal with too much time in hand, you cannot find enough friends to link you. So, what you do is to ask people to review your site, say good, bad or neutral things and link to your site. In time, your site will rise up high on the rankings of search engines. Which means, lots of potential business for you.


(amount I received and to be paid daily.)

Well, smart bloggers who can write well and have plenty of ideas are making a bunch of money online through paid posts. I have been one of PayPerPost’s monthly and daily top earner. Well, I am not shy to say that it is due to my competitive nature. I am not competing with others but with myself. I want to test how far I can go with PayPerPost. Moreover, I already have all the blogs even before PayPerPost comes to shore.
I have made USD2K. USD2K is equivalent to RM7K. This is not for entire year but only three months. Remember that I started out with only one blog for almost a month. I only had an increase in the number of blogs recently. Therefore, my income will escalates. Right now, January 14th, I had made USD500 on[tag] PPP[/tag]. Which means, I can make USD1K per month or RM3,500. And this is just from[tag] PayPerPost[/tag]. It is only a 2 hours job each night.


(monthly income, screenshot not updated, the amount has increased every minute)

What am I going to do with all that money? Well, the money is irrelevant to me because my hubby is earning a comfortable living for me. That’s why I splurge on getting a huge webhosting to start a Christian faith blog and a place for me to gather all our favourite [tag]blogger[/tag]s RSS. Anytime my kids want to make online purchase for skateboarding stuffs from US, I will just tell them, “Will you just tell me how much you need and the money will be PayPal right now!” Plus I get to share-share with my blog readers some of these money. More contests coming up. The other day, I had one and the money have been donated to the Johor floods victim.

So, yeah, I blogged for [tag]money[/tag]. The advertisers appreciate my help in giving their sites exposure. PayPerPost is pleased to have good bloggers like me. My faithful blog readers don’t care about my paid posts because I disclose them. I am happy! You should join PayPerPost too. Just click on the side bar blue/green button. Oh yeah, did I tell you that I can earn USD15 for each referral?

14 thoughts on “How much have I made from PayPerPost?

  1. would love to get your opinion on this whole blogging for money thing. i am amazed at the money you make with this scheme. my question is this. on my blog i write about some very personal things. how do you go from all sensitive to being commercial on the very next post? suddenly you are talking about your love life then wham! buy this detergent at an all time low price of USD xxx!

    do you set up a new blog just for payperpost? will they approve a brand new blog with zero traffic? thanks.

  2. hellfried – PPP is strict in getting quality blogs. They specify that the blog must be 90 days old, have at least 20 posts and the last post must not be longer than 7 days ago. Traffic is not that relevant but some advertisers do specify good page rank and we do get higher payout for that. Most of my posts here are usually USD10 and above or if the topic is really quirky, like that shit telegram post I made, then, I don’t mind lower payout.

    As for changing topic, I think it depends on the integrity of the blogger lor. For me, I am very picky what I write on my personal blog and only pick those that I feel will be of interest or least worth some conversation points. It is required by the USA laws that we must specify our posts are paid posts so, usually I will make it very clear and leave it to the readers to decide if they want to just run away and come back later or read. We need to slot one paid post with one unpaid post.

    Anyway, all my blogs on PPP were already well maintained blog with hundreds of posts so I am not one of those who started splog (spam blog) just for the sake of earning money. If do that, I feel like boh sui kaki lor (bad integrity). Want to earn money, also must earn with respect mah, right anot?

    terence – Hehehe…

    AhPek – Haiyor…shhh…dun tell lah. What is your PayPal email? I transfer 10% to keep your mouth shut can or not?

    astrosurge – I got no tips wan lah, except that when I am in the mood, I enjoy writing lor. Sort of like getting the tajuk karangan from the teacher and we write a composition in school, isn’t it? I am lucky cos I memang have many different niche topics even before PPP hits the shore so I can spread out all sorts of post across my blogs.

  3. Glad to see you earning that much with PPP.
    I’ve been earning enough to buy my paintball stuff online so I’m happy.

    I haven’t been blogging much so I should šŸ˜›

  4. I dunno, I signed up for PPP and they said that I have a similar post because I used to have a blog at blogspot and cannot approve my current one. But I feel very sayang to delete that blog. (Some more very leceh to edit each and every one of them)

  5. marina – That’s bcos many bloggers cheated by taking old posts and changed the date to fit into the 90 days frame. Now, PPP is getting very strict and wary of all these. Sorry to hear that you are affected. I have two blogspot too which I had left after I move here and if I rajin-rajin blog there again for 90 days with 20 posts, then, I can submit them to PPP. But that will be too much work. PPP has the means to trace bloggers who try to cheat using this method.

    cely – Good!

    toxicle – There’s a lot of techie stuffs to write.

  6. Wah.. u earn so much oredy.. I’m only earning like usd250 a month only.. with 1 blog. But thx again Lilian for introducing this to me! Luv the extra $$! šŸ™‚

  7. Thank you for so generously describing this wonderful way of earning money off the web. I will certainly want to try it. After all, the money is there for the taking – might as well we earn it, right? God bless you for your unselfish sharing!

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