Something is not quite right with this whole Johor flood scenario

Added : Check out Earl-ku’s first hand experience in Johor flood. He went down with a convoy, bringing some goods for the people there. Money he collected from bloggers’ friends. And the lengthy summary of the trip.

The papers said that 104,000 have been evacuated. The DID (that’s the longkang authority) said it will be a while before Johor dries up. It is currently like a bowl of water.

104,000 is a LOT of people. Though there are no dead bodies to count, it still means 104,000 people are suffering. In there are old folks, people with disabilities, pregnant mothers, babies, small children, sick people…

Plentong – My ex-company has factories over there. What has happened to all those businesses there? Plentong is an industrial area. Didn’t they suffer lossses of millions? How come I don’t see anyone whining over it?

What about people having a hard time in cramped up make shift school halls turned into evacuation centre. No electricity, no water, want to berak how? No, we don’t get to read about that too.


Because this is Visit Malaysia Year 2007?

Correct or not?

Why do we get so many aids, volunteers, sympathisers, all sorts of NGOs and agencies jumping into action during the Tsunami? I am not saying that the sufferings of the Tsunami victims, especially those who lost loved ones is lesser than the flood. What I am saying is all those people who have been displaced suffer just as much.

But we have little bits of news like how MCA centres have been turned to some help centre. Like oh, so very big news likedat.

What makes me wonder is – Are the media downplaying the generousity of many unknown, unsung heroes who are helping these people in Johor out? Instead they focussed on how such and such political parties are doing their bits. Did you read about the smart suggestion from some MIC leader that we should start planting our own vegetables and eat only chicken to survive the price increase? Doh, marvellous idea!

What I want to say is – It is time the media highlight more of the situation. Show us the real people sufferings there, not some happy family in a tub sailing happily in the flood waters. Tell us about how regular folks rise up to the occassion to help the people. We want heart-warming stories like these so that more people will feel compelled to come forward to help ease the sufferings of the 104,000 Johor folks. If Johor is not 600KM away from Penang, I would have gone down there and do my part. So, I hope those people who can afford the time to just go out and do it. It is people who go on their own free will that will make the difference.

But I suppose all things will be on hold until we have some politicians free enough to wade through the mud water, carrying a baby or something, before everyone else jumped into action……

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  1. Went to Eye on Malaysia yesterday. The PA system around the eye repeating for donation, in English and Malay. Same tone in 30 minutes. Not many people donate. I refuse to donate either because I endorse more transparent aiding NGO like MRCS.

    BTW, 5xmom, you are unfair to DID. Because they don’t have the authority to upgrade the drain. Money and power is spread to authority know NOTHING about drainage, e.g. municipal councils, state government, JKR,etc.

  2. Tell you what. Because it is not affecting those big boys in the city of KL, nothing is going to happen.

    Because those places affected are small kampungs. If KL was flooded, then it will be a totally different story. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Maybe if Kepala Batas was flooded, then maybe someone will go there and help lah. Tiu……..

  3. heh… while johor was drowning druing christmas period, our dear PM is down in Perth having nasi kandar. That speaks alot for our leadership in Malaysia.

  4. Rodney, please take note that this is round 2. PM is somewhere attending some conference (why he is so busy in a sudden… hmmm)

  5. err the when the flood was going on, the PM was in Perth, the 2nd in charge was out of country settling some stuff regarding his children education … thats good governing la …

    NGOs are the ones who helped alot during this disaster, Goverment agencies are the one who is suppose of to be doing all these, those MRCS and JPA are not that helping too …

    During the 2nd day of flood, there was still no help from the Gov agencies, the ADUN – if i am not wrong went to the MB’s meeting’s in Johor Bahru with the local councilors and pleaded to them for help, and the MB answered “proof to me la” – wan proof? go there la, i hear the ADUN even cried there, then 1 of the local councilors – a women, who was one of those Buddhist Assoc came on the third day with cooked food and waters …

  6. earl-ku – That’s why something is seriously very wrong because no one seems to care! They are all waiting for directives from above and the above people dunno go where also.

    moo_t – Ya, in some middle-east country I see.

    rodney – This is so unlike of our country because normally, some big shots will be there and the rest will be there to carry balls and at least extend some help.

    terence – Wuah…those factories in Johor mah losses like hell? I imagine Plentong industrial area there, all gone.

    moo_t – DID stands for what ah? Department of Irrigation and Dam ah? They are also part of the gahmen mah.

  7. Many premises not insured against flood. Who would have predicted that this would happen.

    Businesses gone, just like that. Really sad. But gahmen give RM500 and free MyKad and Passport replacement for free mah. Where to find……. tiu

    I vote Earl Ku for prime minister lah. Two thumbs up for you, Earl.

  8. terence – And they give out RM100 and RM200 and Sharizat said, “This amount is too big and hence, they need to check properly…’ (cos everyone said they never receive anything) Double tiu

  9. On a different note. Those falling flowers on your banner suddenly made me feel like Aaron Kwok and dance the Para Para. Hahahaha!

  10. terence – Hehehe, I clever or not? I turned the snowflakes to pink and it become plum flowers. Cos I dunno how to make a different .gif file. I want to make gold buillion but dunno how to make so small .gif file. Para para sakura? Ya hor.

  11. Drainage and Irrigation Department. At first I don’t know the abbreviation too šŸ˜‰
    It is one of the most important and most handicapped department. Their enforcement power is pathetic (cannot summon body that f*ck up the drain, e.g. contractor,TNB,etc) . No budget is allocate to them to FORCE improve drainage system.

    Maybe Pak Dollah think we live in middle east or Perth, little rain mah.. . šŸ™

  12. aiyo, kesian lah those poor ppl..i saw the flooding with my own eyes on my way to sg the other day while it was still pouring cats & dogs there!

  13. maybe they can promote Visit Johor year 2007! tagline being….See the venice of Malaysia while you still can!

    bad joke…….

  14. aisae ppl! If he’s over here…even more problems!!! imagine more stewpidriders screw/jam up the roads just for this VVVIP! so..better he’s there la…or whereever la..not like he can do ANYTHING useful ANYWAY!

  15. there was this question being asked in Malaysia Today site; “Johor is so near to Singapore, why is S’pore not flooded?”
    could the answer be that; drainage n town planning is not as screw-up as in johor?
    any other acceptable reason, anyone?

  16. Ham Mi Boon Boh Liau,

    Got lah, the first round of rain during Christmas, the Thomson area in Singapore was flooded. Those business lost quite a lot of money.

    Then warning systems was set up by govt. Also govt agency thats suppose to make sure flooding don’t happen again did their work, the 2nd round of heavy rain, it was less painful. They were prepared.

  17. thanks, keropok man.
    aftr i commented, i spoke to a s’porean fren n she told me what u mentioned.

    well, at least d s’porean govt are prepared the 2nd time around. as for us over here, guess if d scenerio (the flooding) is to happen again, the preparation (which is the lack of it) will be the same!
    the finger will be pointed upward (middle finger!*&%) n a certain minister will say “is the act of god, nothing that we mere human can do anything about ‘
    n my comment to that; “Bullshit”
    all the sufferings by the rakyat could have been mininised if the govt have carried out their job well!!!!!!!

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