Gives the finger to comment spammers with Bad Behaviour

Folks, I got something to tell you. If you have been bogged down with 5 pages of comment spams every single morning like me, you will love to know that Bad Behaviour, version 2.09 works with Askimet!

I learnt about the release from Lorelle’s blog (which is one of those feeds you get on your WordPress’s dashboard) and head immediately to Michael Hampton‘s blog to download the latest version of Bad Behaviour.

These farkers comment spammers sometime not only leave hundreds of comments within hours but each comment takes up almost a screen long. *&%$#@#! I hate spams. Who doesn’t huh?

Let’s hope [tag]Bad Behaviour[/tag] comment[tag] spam filter[/tag] works this time and did not totally blocked off some legitimate surfers/blog readers. The earlier version and Spam Karma didn’t work for me. I ended up with blocking off tm net dial-up IPs. LOL.

Die, spammers, die!

8 thoughts on “Gives the finger to comment spammers with Bad Behaviour

  1. Spam’s a problem. Even Akismet and Bad Karma 2 together are still letting them through. Don’t know whether they are killing valid spam along with the bad ones or not either. Could be the reason why I don’t get that many comments. The shit that gathers is overwhelming.

  2. gabdn – Spam karma blocked out many of my readers. Lucky they mail me or else habis lor. They get some error 503 or something. So, I didn’t use SK2 here. In fact, when I use SK2, spms got through. Then, I rely on only Askimet but scrolling down that long pages is killing me. I tried Bad Behaviour for 24 hrs and I only have like 6 spams. Maybe my legit comments also eaten. LOL.

    terence – OK, you are still lurking. That means I must find an even stronger spam filter. Hahahaha.

  3. There’s such a thing? I dun get many spammers… (psst not many readers also lar) but will check the filter out. 🙂

    Did I tell you I like the falling blossoms??

  4. helen – It works on wordpress only wor. But Blogger got its own comment filter mah? And that word verification? My site is a spam magnate cos of the sex word up there on my tag.

    ahpek – Is this the only one you wrote so far? It is due to Askimet’s fault la. Eh, the Bad Behaviour good wor, they block the comment spammers even before they can get into our site. I get only two spams compared to two pages long previously.

  5. this the 3rd one. The last two said my ip address blacklisted so cannot make comments in your blog. haiyoh.. why you go and blacklist me???

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