How my horrible boss cheated my overtime payments

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My relative again came running to me about some divorce matters. This time, the legal clerk in me jumped into action and I drafted out a list of reasons and demands for them to bring to the lawyer hired by the guy so that there is no miscommunication. In it, I stated which child they want, how much they demand to be paid per month for the maintenance of the child, why the wife agrees to the divorces etc etc. Basically, I nailed the guy flat.

It was a great satisfaction because I had once worked in a lawyer firm before and therefore, roughly knows what to throw back. Though my time at the legal firm was only a mere six months, I probably learnt more in life than most 19 years old. Yeah, I was only 19 years old then.

You see, this lawyer boss of mine cheated me off my overtime claims. He forced my colleagues and I to work till past midnights to rush some bankrupt shopping centre claims and he didn’t pay us a cent. Meanwhile, he was having this Western wife, sleek sports car and a gleaming pair of shoes. I remember that shoes because always took it off in the office and when he drives.

After I left the company, I called him to enquire when he will settle the overtime payment plus the employees provident funds. You know what that snake threatened me? He said if I reported him to the authorities, he will make sure that I won’t have a future in the island. He said the world is very small and it is not wise to report him. Being 19 years and already in a cosy job then, I dropped the case.

Moral of the story? Know your Overtime Laws. Get it right and make sure none of your employer cheated you like what I experienced. Nail them according to the law and make sure their sorry asses are exposed. Don’t be frightened like me. Sometimes, it is not a matter of how much but our principle, dignity and rights.

2 thoughts on “How my horrible boss cheated my overtime payments

  1. Lilian, you should have reported to the Disciplinary Board and let them investigate into the matter. I guess you were still young then and didnt know the correct forum to address the matter to.

  2. I hate your loyah (Bad lawyer boss!) @##$%%^^^

    If i were you last time ( I think..i run into my husband and cry..ahhhh..uuuUUuu..then husband (lilian boyfriend) that time will run to this bad laoyah(lawyer bad boss) and spank him! for cheating our kind heart leng lui~lilian lah.

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