Johor flood – Our PM to the rescue

Photo from The Star

Can you count the number of boats? Oh wow!

Tell you all something. Long time ago, when my sister’s house was flooded, that’s when I was about 18 years old, the water went up to three steps of their stair case. Not very high. So, whenever a car vroom outside the road, the waves would come into the house. My mom would cussed because the water will be splashing against the wall and causing sprays on the piano which we propped up on bricks. That is the force of water. So, guess what will happened to all those attap houses when hit by the waves of these flotilla? What’s a flotilla, btw?

And who can tell me what is this ? Iskandar Development Region. My atm had been grumbling about it, saying itu lah…of all place….this (flood) is a sign lah.

8 thoughts on “Johor flood – Our PM to the rescue

  1. well it could be worth the splashes if those boats were used to really rescue people and send supplies…. instead of having people sitting in the boats and boating around pretending to look helpful

  2. boss stewie – Yalor, the photographers must also find a better angle to their photos instead of capturing every photo with people pointing. Must come learn from me how to take dramatic photos with different angles. Hahaha. Not the same stupid pose of stand and point fingers and smile. The whole nation is pointing our fingers at them and yet, they don’t feel it. Sheessh…

    Bryan – Like Godzilla so kerng like that.

  3. Looks more like an Armada šŸ˜›
    ~ Anyway, a flotilla usually means the same type class of ship travelling in a group.
    ~ Armada is a combined forces of various flotillas hahahaha different type of ship..

    The Iskandar Development Region, So named after the Current Sultan of Johor, is basically a Development Programme Launched by the Prime Minister to Develop the state of Johor and tranform it into another Metropolitan similar to Shanghai or Hong Kong…well..maybe they might consider transforming it into Venice of the East instead eh?

  4. I wonder if some of these boatmen are the same guys who were going around asking money from desparate people to be rescued…

  5. Wah.. nice line up.
    Boss Stewie, if you read the news through the url given, you will say WTF. thestar photo speak :
    ” Abdullah leading a boat flotilla of officials to visit the badly flood-hit areas in Kota Tinggi town yesterday.” WTF. They are wasting resources and time to use the boat for PR show. Not to forget the wave banging the some fragile wooden house.

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