Shame on you, Malaysia!

I found this letter to the NST through Rojakz’s blog. I am not sure how I should call it. It is a shame, a total shame to all those leaders whom had been so semangat berkorbar-korbar hendak mempertahankan mertabat Melayu. Where are you all when our regular folks were suffering from cold, hunger, distress…? Mana pergi itu Kak Mah, ketua wanita UMNO di Johor tu? Terperuk kat rumah, tidorrr ke? Masa persidangan UMNO kan beribu-ribu orang pergi kat PWTC? Sekarang tak senang pergi hulur pertolongan kat Johor ke? Oh…sebab TV crew tak ada….Maklumlah…

I had told Earl-ku earlier in his comment that the moment I saw our white shirt-khaki pants, DPM, sitting cosily, carrying a baby (I told you so!), I already blood boil. White shirt? And after I turned a few pages, I saw two Ministers, a Health Minister somemore, squatting there, smiling with more people there, I almost vomit blood.

Flood relief: Help came from ordinary folk
10 Jan 2007

MY relatives were directly hit by the recent floods phenomenon in Kota Tinggi, Johor. While the media were showing photographs of officials and VIPs smiling with babies and such, my relatives told us a different story.

Everyone we met said that the centre where they were taking refuge did not have enough food.

They were thankful that they received a bun each for dinner, but for breakfast the next day, a plate of plain fried rice was given to feed a family of five or six. At 2pm that e same day, there wasere no sign of lunch.

Frantic parents were told that there wasere food at a hall a few kilometres away, being prepared in abundance there in preparation for the visiting dignitaries.

Help came when you least expected it. At Taman Kota Jaya, the worst hit area was the low- to medium-cost housing area. The majority of occupants there are were Malays.

Chinese neighbours came in their personal capacity, droveiving around in personal cars handing to hand out bread, biscuits, drinking water and blankets.

The temple in Taman Kota Jaya quickly organised help; no distinction of race was made.

When the waters started to recede, Chinese doctors made free house to house calls offering services at no charge.

The MCA handed out clothes to everyone. Even the opposition Islamic Party members managed to hand out food. These people will always be remembered for giving help from the heart, no reporters trailing them, no TV camera to record their deeds.

To all of you who helped my relatives when they were hungry and cold, I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are.

My faith in other fellow Malay- sians, regardless of race and creed, has increased a thousand fold.


I am pretty sure very soon, more grouses from the real rakyat will surface and then…we shall see karma biting their asses.

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  1. Looks like those Politicians never changed after 30 years.. Such thick skinned …I hesitate on the word “human beings”, how could anyone feast when his/her fellow human being is suffering. I hope they get food poisoning.!!!!!

  2. Next election they will see drastic results.

    Wei! Why your heading now NO SEX???? I always come for the sex. Now I dont want to visit anymore. Hahahaha! *cabut*

  3. haiyoh so dirty and smelly how to go now? when everything gau tim oredi they go and give out hampers lah. then hole malasia mah know they got care lor.

  4. I find that quite normal, politicians visit disaster area with a group of press corp, take photo ops and then leave without handing out anything..oh maybe a RM50 Donation to each family but how long can you survive with Rm50?

    As for the food handouts and such…is that anything new? That is why, with no offence to Earl-Ku and you for your charitable works of donations and such, I seldom or rather NEVER donate to any Government intiated funds for it has a tendency to disappear ala Eva Peron’s Foundation….so yes, I would prefer to donate to a DAP disaster relief fund or to the Catholic Disaster Fund rather than to those run by Government organisations.

  5. Well, it’s all about publicity…power and greed. Just to get votes from fellow Malaysians with this kind of cheap method. Those who are far away from Johor don’t know how bad it is at the state currently. But they read about it in the news. And those farkers face always showing on the front page. Thanks to our tame media. So the rest, you can figure out what happen lor…50 years and the country is still ruled by those farkers…*sigh*

  6. Also, the media are ashamed to mentioned help from Singaporean. IMHO, if not because of Najib big mouth to reject international aids, the lion land government might have donate tens of millions to help. Poor Malaysian, it seems saving face is more important for the government than human life/welfare.

  7. yalor…Actually my hub always react coldly towards these efforts of aid by our gahmen. At first, I was naive and thought he was very heartless. Now…I prefer to give to NGOs ONLY….and only those NGOs NOT properly supported by GAHMEN!

  8. mott – Wuah…first thing I see the paper, got what what flotilla with so many boats using engine. All there to carry balls. Read what Earl-ku said about those boats? The waves will knock down more wooden houses. More damage they bring than help.

    moo-t – Yeah, now that you mentioned it, it seems that no one bothers to help at all hor?

    moo-t – Tks for that link.

    boos stewie – Yalor, lucky we get both sides of the stories through blog. And Earl-ku who went to see with his own eyes.

    clare – And they are going to make one queue and smile and show them carrying burdens. many typical scenes, time they come up with more creative way of impressing us lah.

    QV – Funnily enough the Catholic churches haven’t start a campaign yet eventhough our Bishop and a bunch of priests were right there in the middle of the flood in Plentong. I bet they will do something real soon ‘cos they were stuck only last weekend. I guess the management by the gahmen with so many issues somehow left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth and people are less compelled to just go out and do something.

    ahpek – Haiyor, whatever spam filter, you also kena filtered out. You been spamming issit, kena black mark ah? Hahaha.

    terence – YOU WIN! I was testing out who will notice that no word. Hahaha. ‘Cos every pervert who search for anything with two words that involve sex, will get me. Sienz mah.

    shooi – I hope all be a lot more smarter whom they tick in the next election.

    romantic – So obvious lah. In the paper today, the PM finally appeared and they have like 8 boats, with big engines vrooming down some kampung. Poor folks houses are going to pieces with that force of the waves. Shit man, talk only naik api.

  9. the uuueeeemmmennnooo busy looking for the keris before going downsouth, the piiiieeessss busy fining “indecent” women to go downsouth …

  10. What did I win??? Lilian, its the nature of my job to spot all this little things lah.

    Please send prize to …………… hahahaha!

  11. So Auntie Lilian, first time here actually
    the next election you are going for the gov or the oppositon.. The rakyat will show their revenge thru their votes.. But there are manipulation in the same time, so cant really make the current gov to completely lose also.

    we must feel lucky as our place is not struck by flood

  12. This is another complaint from the Chinese Paper – Chinese race citizen that was stranded on the roof top is ask to pay a specific amount before being rescue and even ask to pay Rm50 for a roti. Dunno true or not.

  13. you see from paper, you are sad, coz it looks bad … but when u are there, it hits you real bad … that its really that bad …

    i was told that this place in Kota Tinggi called lengga and another place in the deeper parts of Bukit Kepong, those places were left out, somehow left out from those rescue parties … were only found out after people came out from there looking for help …

    err FYI, lots of people are actually already there, like the time when i was there, there this guy from a church in PJ, if i am not mistaken its the Lutheran, this fella he went survey first … see what can be done …

    aihhh i can go on and on and on … but at the end of the day, it comes back to the point, whos symbol will we put the cross at next election …

  14. and FYI those stuff we took down, the food was brought to one of the halls there were cooked on that nite when the flood water got back up … the uniforms were given out to those who needed them right in the school, if iiam not wrong it was a school in Jementah …

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