Do you have Borat hidden inside you?

If you cheat on me, I will break off your c*ck! *snaps*

It is not often a movie get mentioned on my blog. So, if you do see one, it is worth a watch. But don’t come scolding me for recommending the most disgusting, puking, heinous, (add your own expletives description) show to you.

I tell you, after that movie, I am so traumatised, I dare not go near any fat, flabby, old guys. The sight of that naked Azamat is enough to put me off sex for the rest of my life. Find me a place in the nunnery, please, I beg you!

But overall, if we take away that bag of ‘brown stuffs’ that Borat did in the toilet, ignore his neon yellow ballkini, all those wanking parts, I think there is a Borat hidden in each of us. You know, the ignorant, green horn, country bumpkin part? Just that we did not actually act out our ignorance most times.

And yeah, please note that not all Christians are like those glazed eyes, speaking in tongues, over-charismatic Christians that saved Borat. And Jews aren’t cockcroaches and not all terrorists wear a moustache and not all men who have moustaches are terrorists.

One advice – Don’t watch Borat if you haven’t heard of it. But I know you are going to do it anyway. That Borat guy is so much like Ben Stiller, ya?

11 thoughts on “Do you have Borat hidden inside you?

  1. hahahaha i like the part where he goes

    “In Khazakstan, it is customary for us to have cheese before meeting.”

    *after eats cheese

    “Good cheese? Yes good cheese… it is made of milk from my wife’s tit”.

  2. And not forgetting the part where he actually put Pamella Anderson in the guni sack. Hilarious!! But honestly, I really felt like pressing the SUBTITLE key on mt DVD remote.

  3. But can’t missed it is any of us read howsy senseintrovert blog.

    Yeah, the stereotype thingy, as not all editor in an-NaSTy going to sue the blogger(s). 😉

  4. moo-t – That gives us some show to see only la.

    hafiz – And the way he referred to vagin. LOL.

    boss stewie – Right, that is real funny too. I didn’t know I can make cheese with my milk. Ish, I used to have abundant and make ais bandung.

  5. It was No 1 for quite sometime here int he UK after it was released. First saw him on his MySpace site and actually believed that he was really a crazy and stupid journalist from Khazakstan.

  6. astrosurge – LOL, he kena brokeback oso he said worth it.

    adam – It is a very convincing role and I only start to know the background of the movie after I watched it. Good thing I never read movie reviews.

    wuching – Aiyor, you should get a bunch when you were here.

    mott – I suppose after all that ‘poke the hornet’s nest’, one does expect to be stung?

    earl – Eh, DVD very clear liao lor. But if I send, can kena lokap ah? Hahaha.

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