Poket kosong (empty pockets)

How many times have you left home with empty pockets? Have you been caught with an empty wallet? Or driven out far from home and realised you are not carrying your wallets which also contain your driving licence? And after realising that, you start to worry if the police is conducting a road block down the road and you have no money to errrm…buy a round of Starbucks?

It happens to me all the time. My purse is conveniently located and the kids are used to dig out a few ringgits here and there for school. Most times, I am too lazy to check the purse and realised I have no money, much too late. At other times, I took out the wrong handbag and it is one which doesn’t have the purse inside.

Just two days ago, I went to pick my #2 from school around 6.30 pm. I was really, really hungry as I didn’t really eat much for lunch. In my mind, I have conjured up the best nasi goreng ikan masin, tomyam, daging masak merah, kangkong faideng and kerabu sotong for dinner. It was a nice Malay tomyam stall that is located on my way home. Air liur meleleh thinking about the good foods ahead.

Lucky, I did a check and OMG, I only have four ringgit in my wallet! My poor kid was famished after all the sports practice, club meeting and school. So, with only four ringgit, we could only buy 10 apongs for RM3.

There was another time when we forgot the wallet and dug out RM12 in coins from the compartment in the car. So, we have enough money to eat three bowls of noodles. However, the kids asked for lok-lok. There I was standing at the lok-lok stall and asked the unit price of each stick of fishball. The lady boss must have took pity on this poor woman who was counting her shillings and her small kids tugging at her blouse for foods. She told me to eat first and can pay later. Since, we were regular customer there, I did eat and pay later. But we purposely made a trip home, get the money and return to the stall in less than an hour.

Well, I have been caught with no money to offer in church and sometimes, meekly dropped in a few coins I found from the car. It is not a nice feeling at all, hearing my 20 sen coins clanging in the bag.

At other times, if I do have my wallet with me, I will probably go and eat a big lunch in a place where they accept credit card. But first, I have to make sure that their machine is working and they really accept the card before I order.

So, how many times have you been caught red-faced with no money and no ID?

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  1. one time in KL, i went to mamak stall to buy nasi bungkus, then come to pay forgot my wallet. lucky also the mamak know me and i stay nearby. i went home eat and then come down and pay him the money. of course malu like mad

  2. I have a habit to this day to keep money all over my pocket.
    eg.$10 behind my I/C
    $10 together with my little address book.
    $50 inside the cover of my pass-port (Hidden away between the plastic cover and the pass-port cover).
    Fifty long years back when I was a child I lost my pocket money at the sea side,my house being 15 miles from the sea. I have no choise but to äsk some kind beach couple for 10 cent for bus fare home.
    The kind couple not only give me 10cent but a $1 more than I ask for,
    To this day I shall never fail to do the same for any little guy who come to me on such request in a public area or beach.

  3. i used to shop books in popular and end up having not enough money to pay or even go home. right now i have to watch out even more. A DKNY jeans is only for less than $35-that is in US dollars. I have to watch out my spending even more from now on. Haha!

    Had Starbucks hot choc for just $2.80 which was in dollars. The best thing to do now is DON”T CONVERT while in USA..

  4. Not anymore. One time I forgot my wallet and was stopped by the police. He made me drive all the way back to show him my license and some money to pay him petrol for following me all the way back.

    From that day onwards, I made sure my wallet sticks to me:)

  5. Hi Lilian,

    I remedied my problems by leaving my ic and driving license in the car and RM50. It really helps. I think it’s a good idea to suggest leaving about RM50 in the car just in case you get into a situation. Cheers!

  6. 1- when I was in KL, I forgot to bring my purse. Went happily to buy economy rice but when I needed to pay, tarak duit. Luckily the aunty very nice (cos I buy lunch from her nearly everyday) so she tell me next time only pay her. I balik take my purse and terus go pay her back. “Sia sui” story no 1.

    2- Like Rye, I was stopped by police (again without purse). But I was luckier.. I was just forced to stand by the roadside for 10mins (felt like an hour) then the cop made me write down my name, I.C. no and address. I offered to go back and take my purse but he doesn’t believe me. Wanted to give him duit kopi also cannot cos no $$ at all. Luckily I didn’t receive any saman afterwards..

    Actually I have a history of forgetting to bring purse.. the other day left purse at office again. -_- Maybe I should chain the purse to myself.. or hide $$ or credit card in my shoe or bra?

  7. While in Penang on holiday by the beach at Naza Hotel Tg.Tokong.around Dec 2005 I had a sincer talk with a little Malay boy of 10yrs old, about himself and his familyi staying in Kg.Tg.Tokong while other of his friends were playing foot-ball .
    I notice that he has a coil of kite flying strings with him but with no kite.
    I ask him where his kite was?
    He told me it has flew off.
    Why don’t you buy another kite to fly? I asked.
    He reply he had no money to buy another kite.
    To cut the whole story short——- I gave him Rm2 to get himself another kite. He said thank you and off he was gone to get himself another kite,
    Please refer to # 2 of my incident way back fifty years by the beach 15 miles from home.

  8. wah…i cannot believe that ARING leaves IC, lesen n so much money in the CAR! So dangerous, NO? I mean, my hub’s car is really lau-cah (more than 10 yrs old) and very messy/dirty..but drug addicts still broke in and STOLE his coins!

  9. There was once me and my sis went for a high tea in a hotel and she forgot to bring the correct purse. That time we are too poor to apply for a credit card and I don’t have enough to pay for the bill….Lucikly, she has her ATM card with her and she went off looking for an ATM…so, I have to pretend that I am still enjoying my food but actually I already lost my appettide and worried that she already cabut….Haha…

    Change yor car key’s key chain to a small coin purse that can hide two RM10 notes. Then just remember to replace the one RM10 you used….I am sure you will not forget your car keys and always have money with you..

  10. I have a friend who left home in a hurry to the airport without his wallet. He only realised it upon checking in to fly to Jakarta. Apart from his passport and few coins in pocket he has no money, ID, Credit Cards etc. He made a hard decision to go ahead and board the plane. Upon reaching Jakarta he had to borrow money from strangers in the airport to contact an acquaintance to pick him up. That’s jialat isn’t it. If no friend there, he will end up like those Amazing Race couples that have their money forfeited in strange countries.

  11. Arrghhh…can die wan. I posted three times already and my sucky internet connection keep cutting me off. Sorry for not replying again.

    penangmy2ndhome – Hi! Thanks for all your inspiring stories.

  12. I seldom go anywhere alone so I’m pretty safe. lol

    If you dun have any money with you, the credit card is still there… the worst thing is when you forget your wallet with everything inside. (no card, no IC)

    A nightmare would be, there’s a police block ahead… Sei LOH!!

  13. haiyoh… i have been stuck in a god forsaken place for 2 weeks without money and food before. your case sup sup sui lah.
    makes you realise the real importance of money hor.

  14. Yo! First time posting here, but am attracted cause of your interesting topic. I’ve been caught without wallet several times but luckily, I found money in one of my many pockets! You see, I’m forgetful and always sorta stash a couple of RM10 or RM5 here and there in my pockets. Even after washing (with money in ’em), the money is still intact…wakaka. I also left some money (RM1 and RM5 notes and 50 cents coins) in a sealed compartment of the car. I believe it’s quite safe as long as you keep them hidden from prying eyes!

  15. Aiyah! Easy. Pick up the phone, call a friend or the ATM lah. For everything else, there is Mastercard. Hahahahha!

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