Chinese New Year bloggers sing-song project!

I know some of you are expecting my big mouth to blab about bloggers getting sued by mainstream media. But I am not going to say anything because this is not just a victims/aggressors matter. I know, you know that there are deeper, darker, bigger things that we do not understand, know or have access to. Let’s just say that it is not as simple as it is. Nay, it is a big one coming but that’s none of my business.

I am but a personal blog, talking about ridiculous stuffs and I never like to be part of the little chicks listening to the ‘li kong’. You know..when I was small, my mom used to tell me the story of Chicken Licken. It is about a little chick listening to the world. Everything is a thunder to him because he is small. An acorn is a thunder (li kong) to him as well. So, after all that moral of the story kind of bed time stories, I guess that little girl in me grew up, vowing never to be part of any pack. Like Mr. Incredible said, “I work alone.” I don’t want to always lari lintang-pukang the moment someone said, The sky is falling. I will stand at my corner and watch the world goes by. Thank you very much.

Now, if you want to know what is Bloggers Unite, go join the sing-song project for Chinese New Year. You can read all about it from LinPeh’s blog. I am hosting the mp3 for download at I hope you are on frenzrss now? No? So, go submit your URL, ok? Mr. Rojakz and I will add them for you. And even if you have no blog, you can join too. Terence? How? Wanna duet? Hehehe?

You know what my toddler sang? You see, I am not Mandarin literate. I can sing a smattering of the song. So, it goes something like..

…xin nien tau, nien nien hau…

but my toddler repeated after me as :

..nen nen thau, nen nen thau….

and he asked me,

Oi, nen nen where got thau wan? Neow-neow got thau only mah.

I tell you, I almost choked on my own saliva for laughing too hard. Either my pronunciation is very very bad or his hearing something wrong.

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  1. ROTFLMAO!!!

    I laughed out one too loud and I am in my faculty’s computer lab, everybody turned and looked at me…malu betul but it’s worth it lah…LOL!

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