Ok, this may sounds very silly but this is the first time I watch American Idol from the first show where they audition the tens of thousands people.

So, now I know why people refer it to as the American Idiots. OMG, how did some of those people got on board in the first place? Don’t they screened the folks before they place them in front of Simon? Or do they intentionally plant some of these weird guys there so that we can have a good laugh?

I mean, it is cruel to laugh at some of them because they are either born that way or they are clueless why they are funny. On one side, I feel bad that they make complete fools of themselves and getting snide remarks. On the other hand, I cannot help it when words just flew out of my mouth – OMG, Woman, you look so much like your mom and both of you look like witches with those red lipstick. You are on national TV, get yourself a good fitting bra, for goodness sake!

And some of these guys are so freaky, I think I will be very afraid of going to the US of A if there are more of them running around. But yeah, there are plenty of good ones and plenty of normal ones. I like that Venezuelan guy already.

5. Blessed are those Christians who are VERY RELIGIOUS but GET ON EVERYONE’S nerves – they are my most effective stumbling blocks.

Want to know where I get this from? Check out here. But remember it is for private circulation only, ok?

I love [tag]American Idol [/tag] and you are going to get lots of [tag]American Idol Season 6[/tag] reviews here. Plus I may need to go for confession more often if I keep this up.