Whoa!!! Interesting!

You know something? I sometimes marvel at the way many wives stood by their men even when they know their men had done something gravely wrong. I wonder if this is true love, blind love, holding the last piece of dignity or being forced to.

We know how the wife had been shielding the husband, bitching when the reporters chased, acting all proud and aggressive, wearing nothing but the most high coporate looks and all that. Bring a daughter along and maybe the world will see a family man being wrongly accused. Stand by your man….Eeek..why do I picture that blonde, busty Dolly Parton with her boobs almost bursting and the buttons of her blouse about to explode and blind you? You know…if your man cheated on you, you still stand by him because all properties have not been transferred and you stand to lose a few millions if you drop that jerk. So, what to do but to put the head up high, smile and sing…Stand by your man….

So, like it or not, must act all dignified and insist to the world that your man is not guilty. He is not a skirt chaser. He is just a victim of circumstances. Put on a nice, thick spectacles, wear a pony tail and scold all the reporters and photographers. Maybe, just maybe, the world will be fooled.

But nah ah, the husband now admits that yes, he knows the beautiful model. He had screwed around from here to China and back. He opted for a fresh, young, beautiful model instead of that hag of a wife. Imagine…she can stay all poised and strong with a bunch of reporters and photographers….she never once broke down. Whoa…I bet these kind of women are capable of slicing off the balls like a fugu chef slice the puffy fish.

Still…we now get to hear of the account. Yeap, the man knows the model. They had been together, in bed, what else. And this policewoman…whoa….did I tell you that he said she had disposed off at least 6 persons. Mammamia! What kind of police force is this? The one who have such ‘capable’ personnels. Don’t pway-pway wei, scary hor?

Anyway….all the above are just fictional characters, ok?

BTW, have you read the news?

10 thoughts on “Whoa!!! Interesting!

  1. Really vomit blood when I got to read this news…. There’s surely some background stories behind all these cases… Anyhow, sitll pity Altantuya being executed in that method. 🙁

  2. Maybe she sighted his current will. Bodek and stand by him until he change the will then only do otherwise.

    This comment also fictional.

  3. A smart fictional wife would standby and wait. Guess who has power of attorney when fictional man goes to jail.

  4. I read a small piece of interesting news in The Star yesterday where cheating husbands in Michigan end up in prison for life! That should teach adulterous guys a lesson, don’t ya think?

  5. you shud be a scriptwriter la… good career ah…hahah! anyway, the story still quite inconsistent..still not quite right la…there’s something(/one) missing……. 😉

  6. Ya, I am so impressed with her too – wonder if she knew it from the start or she’d just finally decide to admit it? I hear that a lot of women prefer to be in denial.

  7. haha…sing along now…stand by your man…
    but what else can she do eh? the money’s probably good incentive to stick around and hold your head high. yup the story doesn’t sound so consistent. maybe if we wait a while it will get more interesting. ah i love fiction.

  8. i was amazed with the wife & daughter dedication, be it a faked one or a genuine one. hope all father and husband learnt the lesson ! be faithful to your family who always stand by you – no matter what stupid thing you do in life. don’t ever play naughty.

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