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My good blogger fren, Ah Pek, said some people think it is uncool to blog on weekends because ti goes to show that you have no life except being glued to the PC. True, so true. So, everyone pretend-pretend to be out partying all day and all night.

But AhPek and I are going to blog anyway because I know many lurkers are reading whatever blogs available, right?


It was raining heavily in the evening and we couldn’t go anywhere. So, we hopped to a nearby restaurant for dinner. I brought along my DSLR and oh boy, I haven’t touched the DSLR for so long until want to seh koh (grow mould) already. Want an icecream?


In case you don’t know, Secret Recipe’s Caramel Cheesecake sipeh ho chiak wei. Very nice caramel and cheese with nuts and biscuits at the bottom.


So, with the rain pelting down outside and we have no where else to go, it is nice to tuck in a bowl of tomyam goong. Blardy hot, sour and hot (as in chillies hot). Not nice at all. The huge prawns also can’t save it. And KNNMCB, Secret Recipe no longer gives water. Want to charge 50 cents for it. Tiu, we paid over RM100 for the meals, but we refused to pay 50 cents for a glass of water. I’d rather steal my kids’ milkshakes and go out and open my mouth and catch rain water and drink coffee. Come on lah, you sell cakes. People drink coffee and eat the cake. Then, give us free water to wash down the sweetness lor. Maybe, if we drink water already, can eat more cakes leh? So kiamsiap for what lah.

Have a good weekend to all! And don’t be afraid to comment lah. Sked people know you have nothing and nowhere to go on a Saturday night, issit? (more food photos on Malaysiabest and aiks, I just notice my toddler wore the same shirt he wore to Paddington Pancakes yesterday)

10 thoughts on “Weekend food photos

  1. Yalor, so xian to pay for plain water when we are already paying so much for everythng else. Malaysian restaurants are really getting cheapo.

  2. Liau, ppl like me mah boh life lor? Weekend still stick with the pc. Cannot say like that mah rite? Let’s learn making cheesecake liau……………… then, we don’t have to go to Secret Recepi adn have to pay for the plain water. How abt that? lol

  3. I have no life. I stay at home during weekends. I watch Astro on my 42″ plasma TV, walk in my big garden in my big bangalow, swim in my swimming pool, have a dip in my jacuzzi, play snooker in my games room, sing karaoke in the karaoke room and go to my study, turn on the pc and read your blog.

    But b4 that I drive my Enzo out to tapau food.


  4. i liked the secret recipe tomyam le….burn calorie (sweat!) and eat at same time…slurrrpp…got one time hor…i order set (tomyamgoong + drink+dessert) then i tell the fella my tomyamgoong i dun wan the prawn (im allergic) , she say cannot wor…so funny one..i willing to be charged same price w/out prawn, also she tak mau…sitoopid

  5. I am also another no life person.. šŸ˜›

    Secret Recipe charged the water since a few years ago d, Aunty Lilian.. don’t try to go to the bayan baru branch.. I went there during my birthday last year, gave such a bad memory.. the waitress stress already (huge lunch crowd) some more yelled at us to make up our mind plus talk like we owe her 1million bucks.. If not for their cheesecake, wont bother going dee..

    btw, have you heard of Jenni’s cakehouse Aunty Lilian? yummy cakes at affordable price..

    I love your food blogs too, thanks for all the reviews & recommendations! šŸ™‚

  6. I’ve blacklisted Secret Recipe since years ago because of their bad customer service despite the service charge we had to pay them. And no matter how much I love their cakes, I’m not going back there unless they improve their services.

  7. Except cakes, I give up all the secret recipe(SR) food. They just too stingy to hire real chef for it.
    Talking about food + cakes, SR can never beat La-Manila. (La-Manila establish in PJ long before SR make a hit on cakes).

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